Three Driveshafts used in 1963 & 1964

There are 3 driveshafts used in 1963 & 1964 Cadillacs.

Since the Hydramatic transmission was longer than the “new for 1964” Turbo Hydramatic transmission, the front section is shorter than the ones used on TH equipped cars.  This basically means that all regular body style 1963 Cadillacs, and the "62 series" 1964's came with the driveshaft pictured at the bottom of the above picture with the orange tape.

The 1964's with the Turbo Hydramatic (DeVilles, Eldo's & Fleetwood 60 Specials) had a longer front driveshaft section due to the shorter transmission. This driveshaft is the one in the center of the picture above.

The 1963 & 1964 driveshaft for the longer 75 series and commercial chassis cars was not only different in that they used standard Universal joints on the front and rear sections, and of course were longer, but the center members bearing support was taller.  The driveshaft at the top of the picture is the one you will find in the 1963 & 1964 75 series/Commercial Chassis cars.   

Note: the 1965 75 had an even longer front drive shaft section due to the use of the new Turbo Hydramatic which is a shorter transmission than the Hydramatic used in the 1964 75 series body styles.

Pictured below is a 1965 75 series front section (top) and 1964 75 series front section (bottom).
The 1964 75 series front section is approx. 45 1/8" tip to tip, while the 1965 75 series front section is 2" longer at approx. 47 1/8" tip to tip.


Center Member Bearing Assembly and Support Bracket

The 1963 and 1964 center member bearing & support bracket on 62 series, DeVilles, and 60 Special, and Eldo, is considerably different from the 1963 and 1964 75 series and commercial chassis  in that the bracket assembly is shorter.   The center member assembly used on the 1963 and 1964 75 series and CC cars, is the same as the 1959 to 1962 center member bracket assembly.

Here is a quick breakdown from the master parts book.
--> 1963-1964 center member bearing except 75 series & CC: Group 5.600 part # 567 6991
-->1959-1962 (all), 1963-1964 75 series and CC, 1965 75 series : Group 5.600 part # 567 5575

While the support brackets with the vulcanized rubber is considerably different between  the 63/64 62 series, 63 series, and 6039 vs the 75 series and CC and 1959 to 1962, the center member bearing itself is the same:

Bearing Only: 1959 - 1964  (all), 1965-1969 - 75 series, CC : parts group 5.600 with part # 904 778

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Comment by Jason Edge on October 21, 2015 at 11:24am

I bought my various master parts books on eBay. If none available create a will pop up. On removing the driveshaft, if you remove the 4 5/8" bolts at the pinion flange at the rear, disengage the rear  CV joint from the pinion flange with a solid tap with a flat heavy hammer (or crow bar wedged in the CV joint), push forward and lower rear CV joint so that it clears everything, remove the 2 1/2" bolts at center of frame below the center member bearing support bracket, then everything should pull straight out the back. Put a pan under the rear of transmission as you will usually lose just a bit fluid.

Comment by Robert Alan Shannon on October 20, 2015 at 10:23pm

Denny, with 3 inches of movement , I would think it should finish coming out. Been awhile since I  pulled mine out of my 63, but I'm thinking that those CV joints kinda put it in a bind. Have you tried pulling from the rear to support the weight? I might be totally off base ,if someone more knowledgable  cares to chime in.

Comment by Denny Link on October 20, 2015 at 10:01pm

So where does one get this master part book? Better yet how does this drive shaft come out. I have the 64 deville 4 door.I have taking the 4 bolt in the back out two in the middle out I have about 3 in of movment on the front shaft but will not come . I need help thanks

Comment by Jason Edge on September 3, 2015 at 7:12am
The 6267 convertible body style was a "62 Series Convertible" in 1963 and has the shorter Hydramatic front drive shaft section, however the 6267 body style was moved up to the DeVille body series in 1964 and is a DeVille Convertible and uses the longer Turbo Hydramatic front drive shaft section. For more info on all body styles for both years click on
Comment by 64&69 convert devilles on September 3, 2015 at 1:04am
So which one goes on the 1964 convert and what's the correct term a 64 deville conv or a series 62????


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