Wanted: Parts for my *new* 63 Series-62 convertible

Hello, I just bought a 63 Series-62 convertible and joined the club.
Trying to get familiar with the best places to get parts.
I would like to immediately get:
Dash cover
Rear trunk emblem
And most importantly, find out why the water temp gauge isn't working and fix that.
Things on my wish list:
Tail light lenses
Re-chrome front bumper corners
Any help or pointers appreciated, I am new to this!

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Comment by Russ Austin on February 27, 2013 at 8:50pm

Glad to see another 63 on board.   email me at  russ85747@hotmail.com  I may have some tail lenses.

Comment by Jason Edge on February 27, 2013 at 8:28pm

Just sent detailed email.

Also shop manuals come in original, reprints and on CD.  Before I mention digital and PDF I will say the reprints and CD copies lose a lot of the details. On some illustrations its not a big deal but on the wiring schematics it becomes big blur. I"ve got the CD copy and haven't used it for years because of the loss of detailed.

The same thing goes for a digital picture or scan copy or PDF file. Since these are a few hundred pages long to capture in the HD resolution to make legible you would end up with something in the Gb file size range. The 20 page newsletter I just did was over 7Mb in MS word and trying to retain some of the definition to convert and display as a PDF file it ended up being 4.8 Mb. Even though I opted for the higher PDF conversion resolution for pictures etc, I still cringe when I see the degradation when I look at my PDF version I have uploaded versus the beauty and clarity of the original.  Bottom line, we dont have the technology to email or post a 600+ page Shop manual in HD quality...as a PDF file or other wise. We generally have to scan a few pages here and there so that the file size is manageable. In 5 or 10 years I expect those limits will be no longer!  Sorry to get techy here...but hey, I'm an IT guy.

Comment by Tim Riley on February 27, 2013 at 6:00pm

OK, thanks guys, I will check out your suggestions!

Jason, please let me know if you currently have any of the parts I mentioned in stock on your parts cars.

I have also been searching around for a shop manual, if anyone has a PDF/digital copy to get me by for now, that would be awesome. Found an original for $50 bucks on Ebay, which I will eventually get one just for nostalgic purposes, but for now I just need the content so I can work on the car.

Thanks everyone!

Comment by Mark Geertsma on February 27, 2013 at 4:58pm

Dash covers are listed on eBay. On the cheap too. 

Most of the other parts you're looking for are also on eBay and or available through the parts guys here on the site. 

Comment by Jason Edge on February 27, 2013 at 4:57pm

Check our Parts Suppliers list above for most of the individuals and companies that sell new and used items for your cars. You will find a few large companies such as USA Parts, OPGI, Kanter, and McVeys, and others that offer cheaper priced items such as Rock Auto, then specialized companies such as Steele and Rubber the Right Way for Rubber, Hydro-Electo for Convertible specific parts; Lucas, Diamond Back and Coker for tires, etc, etc.

One of you most helpful groups of sellers will be the inhouse sellers listed up top.  Me and a few others sell new and used parts on the side. We are individuals and deal with you one on one.

For your list USA,and OPG and maybe McVeys will have the new reproduction lenses and some of us individual parts sellers may have good used.

Bumper Boyz usually have the lower bumper ends for top dollar ($480 ea without core) and most of us used parts sellers will have the front upper bumper ends (I've got several sets from 39 parts cars), and we occasionally find them in good used condition (I brought in 2 sets of 64's last year).

Either, way it is good to have you here and would recommend scanning the parts suppliers page first and getting prices from multiple sources. The less hurry you are in the more you will save and the better quality items you will often find. I keep a "needs list" and often find that quality items 2 to 4 years after the item was put on the list for a customer.


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