I need a 20/80% vacuum valve for a 1964 Cadillac Convertible De Ville

I am hoping for some help --from my Cadillac guys

Been thru the regular channels --ebay -old air products --caddy daddy

Is there a place that rebuilds the vacuum valves ?

Any help locating this item is greatly appreciated
Will need a price quote



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What's a 20/80% vacuum valve Tony? I'm not familiar with that term. I apologize in advance if it's in the shop manual but I never really used it a whole lot during my comfort control rebuild.

...also called the recirculation actuator. Located on the blower case in the engine compartment.  Controls how much fresh air vs recirculated air into the cabin.

That’s the one with two ports on it I believe, mounts to the fan housing. I got a new one for my ‘63  from Old Air Products or OPGI.  I just looked at the OPGI web site and it shows having stock.  They resell Old Air Products.  And notorious for a premium markup.  It’s Part number BR02521 for the recirculation actuator.  

Old Air Products price is about $35 less than OPGI for the exact same part!  

I wouldn't buy toothpicks from OPGI, overpriced even in USA funds. Shipped to Canada it's triple because they require you to use FedEx and both company's penalize for living in a foreign country. UPS is no better. 

This is what I'm planning on doing on my 64. I'm still on the time delay switch though. It was not modified with a master switch. I'm leaving it that way. Right now I'm troubleshooting some basic issues with it to see where all the basic problems are. It starts with mouse nests. I find Cadillac Tim's book indispensable.

By the way Clovis, that restored blower case is beautiful!  Nice work!  What sheen of black is that?

It's a satin Michael. 

GORGEOUS! And that now-black-originally-white solenoid on the bottom is what I need to replace. How long did it take you to remove that housing and did it involve removing refrigerant gas? Did the Recirc Valve come out easily once the housing was removed?Also, did you replace the blower too, as long as you had it out?

Sorry to be a pest, but I have not had my hands on a Caddy for many years (playing with Imperials for the past 20 or so years).



Thank you guys --( Jason - Clovis and Micheal ) for your help
Old air products is out of them for now
OPGI has the valve --so very glad i could locate the part

Clovis i do understand your issues with OPGI and there shipping costs issues to your location
Shipping costs just make the purchase unreasonable
I have not yet found out what my shipping will be to Florida

I am i the process of putting together the parts i will be needing to bring my comfort control back into full operating condition

I now have 134a in my system since 2006 and AC working but just --not cold enough -for my liking but using my car with the top down mostly - not so much of an issue for me
The stv upgrade was never installed on my car when i had that done years ago
No idea why as i had a shop make the change
I have the ability to go back to R-12 --which is my current plan
The fellow i spoke to at old air products did tell me ( when i asked ) that the R-12 does get colder than the 134a ( for sure ) and that the R-12 system runs at much lower pressures than the 134a
Bottom line is r-12 was what the system was designed for so it should work best
The A6 compresssor can be run with either freon and it is only the oil used that is used that is different for the different freons
As my system is now up and running i may just change the shrader valves back to the r-12 kind and remove the 134a and have the r-12 reinstalled with what ever that may take to do ( flushing and evacuating the system )
One of the problems with doing that is i do not know if just doing that will get my system as cold as i require
I am prepared to change the compressor evaporater valve and the dryer ( must always be change ) if that is needed
I think at that point if not cold enough --i would like to capture and save the r-12 freon now in my system and change the needed parts At that point if needed

Still in the planning stages but excited to have the ability to do this

There was never any issue with the 64 getting cold enough on the hottest of days when the system was stock out of the factory

I do have a heater core to replace in the system also




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