Anybody know a good source for these?  There are a few places that sell them but nobody cross-references them in anyway so you know you're getting the right one.  I wasted a bunch of $ on aftermarket fuel lines, whose screws didn't quite fit and did some damage to my inlet nut.  So now of course I have an uncontrollable leak.  Lovely.

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You  might try to use JB weld epoxy to seal the air  leak —as it is fuel proof —or replace the top of your Carter carb that someone may have laying around from a used up carb that needs a rebuild 

If it’s the fuel line nut that is the problem Jason Edge in the- Part Supplier - in the header should have the right one  you need 

You  are dealing with an aluminum carb (  very soft metal ) so both the nut and the carbs top  SB cross threaded to cause a leak and SB fixed with epoxy or both replaced if that is your choice for it to be like new 

I would think the carb inlet threads being aluminum  are damaged if the nut threads are damaged in any way

Working with aluminum is an acquired skill by doing  ( learned mine from race motorcycles ) 

The easiest fix would be the epoxy carefully applied to the fuel line under the nut and on the nuts threads being sure not to get any on other places - I only us the slow dry - 6 hour JB weld myself 


I can take a look at what I have in stock. It will be after work today or tomorrow.

I have VG original Carter AFB inlet nut, gasket and screen filters for $10. Below is a picture of one I just pulled. If you already have the screen and don't need my screen the price drops to $5. I can ship Priority for $8 for a total of $18 with screen or $13 without.  Shoot me a PayPal payment to by 2pm Eastern and it will go out today. Here is the picture:


Great.  Do you also have a good fuel line (just from filter to carb)?  Thanks.

Lee, The only original fuel filter to carb metal line I have for the Carter AFB had been twisted at the end. It was not leaking when removed, and threads on end nuts are good and metal has not been compromised... but it was twisted at some point. I have inserted pictures below. I often have these in more pristine condition but this is all I have right now, and can put you down for a better one on my Wait List if no one else has one.

I would let this one go for $5 just to get something for it and shipping would go up to to $10 for a final total of $25.  

Here are pics

Ugh.  Still it's better than the one I have.  I just sent funds over, forgot to list gasket in notes but I want that as well for sure.  Thank you and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!


Parts are packed, labeled and will ship out shortly. I sent you an receipt via email. thanks. Jason.

At PO and on the way. I’ve got a very efficient delivery girl at the house now!

Fantastic!  You're the best.


Sometimes how great this place can be for our year Cadillac owners just put a  big smile on my face after being here daily ( sometimes 3 times a day ) since 2006 
A Cadillac gear heads paradise — as I see it 

The boys  giving advice and part suppliers on this site are as good as it gets 




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