About at my wits end!  Put drivers door window down and went for a ride this afternoon and when I got home I could not get any of the windows or seat to work.  Is there a fuse somewhere that is not in the fuse panel?  All the windows and seat were working great.  

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Could be broken wires in the door jam. Check out this recent thread


Thanks Kurt, I will check it out.  I had just spent $2k at a shop to have the window switches replaced and windows fixed.

Well I found my problem.  Getting to fat to dive under the dash but I did.  Had a new power antenna installed yesterday and my horn contact is shorting out so someone removed the 40amp relay in the fuse panel.  I plugged it back in and now my windows all work again.             Problem #2 I have a tilt steering wheel and when I tilt it at different angles one or both turn signals will not work.  Do any of you think it is the switch down on the column or something up in the column causing this?  I appreciate peoples comebacks and suggestions on this site.  They have been quite helpful.

Glad you found the window problem and it was an easy fix. For the turn signals on tilt equipped cars, the switch is down on the steering column as you mentioned. There is a bowden cable that connects the switch to the turn signal lever in the steering wheel hub. If you are lucky, only switch on the column might need adjusting. With my car. the sleeve on the bowden broke on one end. The original bowden cable had a plastic sleeve. The replacement I got from Jason has a steel sleeve. (don't think that one will break : ) See if you have the plastic sleeve cable. If so, detach the end on the switch and see if the sleeve moves by gently pulling on it. It should be held tight if it's not broken on the other end. Worst case, it wasn't that difficult to replace the bowden cable but you will be on you back under the dash (again : )

Thanks Kurt.  I will check it out this weekend.

Kurt, I had to look at my stock pictures of the Bowden cables I have on file and all have the steel outer sleeve like the one in the top of your picture. Perhaps the plastic one was a later replacement or short term replacement. Since I would have a smaller sample of tilt columns from 1963's vs 1964's perhaps it was used for part of the production run. 

Just to add, I have seen the bell housing that the top end of Bowden cable attaches to coming part at the small rivets, or simply broken but more times than not the top section that grips the outer sleeve has become lose, or the Bowden Cable itself has bent ... usually down at the switch. I have also seen where the turn signal switch itself has become loose at the 2 attaching screws that holds it to the column allowing it to move up and down. Make sure it it sight against the column.

Yeah Jason, I don't know how I wound up with the plastic sleeve bowden cable. More to the point of Kenneth's turn signal problem: Any problem with the bowden cable or switch adjustment can cause intermittent turn signal operation with the steering wheel tilted in different positions. 

I have also noticed that when the right turn signal is on there is no power to the cornering light.  I am thinking that I might need to replace the switch.  ????

Make sure your lights or at least parking lights are on. The cornering lights do not come on when the headlight switch is turned off.

I found a green wire broken in the  turn signal switch -inside the steering column that prevented my cornering light from working until I repaired that wire 

You will need to pull the steering wheel to get to the signal switch and the green wire 

Stay Safe 

Tony, tilt steering is different. The switch and wires are not inside the steering column.

I was just about to indicate that I do not have a tilt steering column 

Thanks Kurt 



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