Has anyone ever experienced fixing a block that has one bad cylinder, by just having that cylinder sleeved and replacing that cylinders piston and reassembling the motor as is without rebuilding the rest of the motor?

My car car appears to have 48,000 miles on it and the rest of the cylinders had good compression.

I had the engine taken apart for a head gasket issue, and while apart the following was done:

Replacing defective inner and outer heat exchanger tubes in the intake manifold 

Machining the heads

Parts including the head gasket set, tune up parts, etc

Heat riser between exhaust manifold and head pipe

Replace rusted and worn exhaust manifold studs 

Cylinder head bolts replaced

All was looking good until they identified the crack in the block in the one cylinder and that is how I am at this point.  

I'm already into this car quite a bit of cash as I had a very reputable shop handling the restoration.  I don't want to ignore the rest of the block but if others have had just one cylinder done and there is good feedback here on moving forward as such, rather than having the whole block taken care, thats what I'm inclined to do. 

Loved to hear everyone thoughts, 

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To do the work on the cylinder, I would imagine that the engine would have to come out, and the block tore down to a bare block. I would just go with a new/used block. Not to sure on the cost of sleeving a cylinder, but if your into just one cylinder, spend the extra cash, and get a fresh motor. You'll only kick yourself later, if you don't.

 If the cylinder cant be sleeved, I do have a 64 429 block for sale. 150.00 takes it home.

David, you indicated your engine "appeared" to be 48,000 miles. Instead of taking a chance I would inspect wear on other cylinders.  If 48K miles you should be very close to stock specs and might consider trying to save the block. At 148K you will see some discernible wear and will probably want to at least hone the other cylinders and put new rings in (as I did with my rebuild) or if wear is out of tolerance, bore and install new pistons and rings.  Or, as Russ indicated find a better donor engine block.

Buy a block.    Engines don't just crack,Something made it crack, maybe extreme overheating.    So that's only the one crack they see.    I was a diesel mechanic for awhile, and sleeves ca

me lose, even when they came that way from the factory.  it will be cheaper to get machine work on a reasonable block anyway without sleeving, and it will last longer.   But it's only an opinion.

I've got a decent 429 block from a 64 CDV stripped and ready to go if interested, located in SW Colorado



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