For anyone interested Summit Racing has there own 10w 30 motor oil with ZDDP for sale —-for  $5.99 a quart 

This is the correct motor oil combination for our year  Cadillac engines with the needed additives to correctly protect  the flat tappet cams in our cars which is not the easiest oil to be finding on the market today especially in this  oil  weight 

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Tony, have you seen the price of oil lately?
In a week or two, they might be paying you to take that oil.  


Interesting point you bring up 


All oil has some ZDDP, just at reduced levels, especially in the current SN API standard oil. I am not one of those alarmists that think running today's oils in our car is suddenly going to destroy the flat tappet cam lifter lobes and lifters, unless you flat out race the car several hours a day... for maybe several weeks! ... but I do think extra ZDDP is good long term preventative maintenance. I have been running Valvoline VR1 racing oil 10w30 in my CDV for many years.  Click Here for some info about ZDDP and their oil on their site.  They sell it conventional (grey bottle) or synthetic (black bottle). Click Here to see what I run.
I will add this is just one brand, with high zinc. Look around and you will find other brands from places like Summit, Hemmings, etc that sell high zinc content oil. I'm not necessarily endorsing Valvoline VR1 racing oil but it has worked for me over the years. Do the math and it is a bit pricy, but not worried about spending a bit for the better stuff when you consider a rebuild is 2 to 3 grand if you you do it yourself!


I had a very bad experience using Valvoline  products in one of my engines that showed an extreme amount of excessive wear before a refresh so that brand is not on my  own hit list for a long while 

I've tried a lot of different oils but have landed on Joe Gibb's Racing's "Driven". It comes in many different formulations in both dyno and synthetic. The thing that sold me on this is that it contains a filming agent that keeps surfaces lubricated when sitting for long periods, like my car does over the winter. The oil stays on the cylinder walls and cam making the need to occasionally turn the engine over moot. I usually drive my car to Manitoba once a summer to visit my brother. It gets really hot on the prairie during the summer and it's a 700 mile trip one way. I do it in a day and once warm, the oil pressure stays very steady and the oil seems to hold up well in hot and long drives. The down side is it is usually only found in speed shops. Fortunately I have my pick of those where I live. Just my 2 cents but there are a lot of good oils out there. What is really interesting is looking on Youtube for oil filter comparison tests. Pretty illuminating and worth a look.  



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