The 64 Cadillac 429 engine ——produces 480 lbs of torque @ 3000 RPMs—- tacking  out at 4600 RPMS 

That is extremely crazy  high torque number for any gasoline powered engine 

That is the power in your seat of your pants feeling  when pulling always from a stop light —-and is know to be addictive in the world of motor car and trucks 

As an example the brand  new 2022  high performance center engine corvette produces 275 lbs of torque on its high performance gas engine 

So now you know why—— driving these year Cadillacs is the special pleasure you enjoy including the best smoothest riding Cadillac suspension  -  driving with one finger in complete luxury —-top down in my case 

So many people have a need to express how beautiful they think  the car is —- constantly - and I do have to agree with every one of them

My Cadillac has been out and about a few times over the last few days and running as you might expect it would being my Cadillac 

Driving my 64 Cadillac converts smoothness and power ——-is A Dreamy - Dream come true driving experience 


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Good Morning, Tony,

I always enjoy your stories and shared experience about driving your beautiful '64 de Ville.  I feel the same way when driving mine.  I've started describing my driving time to my wife as my "Cadillac Therapy".

The torque is remarkable and does push you back in the seat when you hit the accelerator, whether from a dead stop or when passing some lame Porsche.  :-D

And thanks for your advice on the Voltage Regulator.  I cleaned to bare metal every connection and am still having the problem, though much less so.  I confess that the red wire connection to the voltage regulator broke when I removed the clip for cleaning, and I had to solder the wire and clip together (being that it was Sunday night at 9pm and no auto parts stores were open).  I suspect that my original wiring harness my be bad (notwithstanding my improvised soldering), and I've ordered a new one.  It should be here in a couple of days.  I'll keep you posted.



Looks to me you have —-a very good  Therapist ! - money well spent if that is the result 

A wife that enjoys the Cadillac and supports us  is a very important thing with a hobby toy like ours 

Pls Do explain the issue you are still having 

If it’s the Gen light coming on at idle you need to increase the idle speed  just a bit until it stays out out  an idle 

An eight turn or two on the carb idle adjustment screw should do it 

if you have the Carter or Edelbrock carb remove the air cleaner - with the engine off - manually open the carb to full open —-you will see the adjustment screw closest to the carb body on the linkage you are holding open 

Start the engine to see the results 

Do not start the engine with the air cleaner off 

If you set the idle to high at a stop sign you will feel the trans torque converter working against the brakes so ——avoid  that ( idle too high ) 

If another issue let me know 




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