Barrett Jackson Auction is on all weekend on TV 

fri—4 o’clock for 8 hours today 

Sat - 3 0’clock 

sun - cars have been simply amazing 

Two hot rods sold for over 100,000 dollars showing a lot of interest in them 

the later the auction the higher the car prices WB


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Note. you can check out the auction live online at


Thanks for the help


Now Sat at 3 O'clock
--Barret Jaskson collector car auction is on for 9 hours
Very expensive exotic cars today
I am glued to the TV --for sure


Barrett Jackson

Today Sunday---2 to 5 pm

A lot of early Muatangs will be crossing the block today and will be establishing a new auction price range for these cars

Saw --my first restored Cadillac --sell for ----200,000 dallars ( Yes Yes Yes )
A 57 Cadillac biarritz convertible blk exterior and burgandy interior
The car was in --to DIE for -- brand new condition as were many cars for what they are
The camera under some of the cars show absolute perfection in the restorations done
The bottom looks like the top and clean beyond reason ( everything is new )
So many cars with the best restoration possibly done --to perfection
Never saw the process or quality of restoration so very high ( inspirational )

A 53 Cadillac convertible with a continental kit sold for 140,000 dollars
( there are so many more expenses --as BJ fees of 10% commission and getting people and cars to and from the show -- very pricey )
Looks to me like a ---new day is coming-- for Cadillacs whos restoration are done to the 9's
When we start to see cars selling for these prices it will be possible to recoupe the money and time we have invested
This will inspire the car restorers to invest time and dollars in our cars more than ever
I think this is A major positive sign That our -core cars -could be more valuable to those people who are doing these big time exceptional car restoring
I am excited to see this taking place
The show was really great with so many cars selling for over 100,000 Dollars due to the exceptionly high quality of there restoration ( they are new to look at top and bottom (truely remarkable )
This was restoration excellence that is just not seen anyplace else i know of
Two original Shelby Cobras did --not meet there reserve --although a MILLION dollars or slightly over was bid --WOW
One of the bigger better Barrett Jacksons i have ever seen
You just want to be one of these guys buying there dream car in the best possible condition for such very big money
The other interesting thing is you can buy a New Corvette for 20,000 dollars less than some of the 60's restored vets
Life is good if you are at Barrett Jackson buying the car you want ( and winning it at auction )
Could you imagine what it could be like to loose the bidding on you dream car --OMG !

They will be coming to Palm Beach Florida in a few months thst is very close to home



Based on what i saw at Barrett jackson this last week end --my best guess --is that your car would be worth close to 100,000 plus at auction
When you --win your Class at the Grand Nationals --i would bet closer to 150- 200,000 with those credentials
I do know --that Dino like my car will most?likely never be sold --while you and i are alive
Mine will be going to my son as it is a family heirloom from my dad to me and from me to my son
The Car showing at the auction was truly amazing this time with so many .exceptional cars done to an exceptional restoration standard
A good feeling that our cars value in time and money could actually be recouped at time of sale if the restoration is brought to this very high standard
On Sat the place was full capacity with buyers that were prepared to spend upwards of 100,000 to one million dollars for the car they had to buy
Things are looking up for the Classic car market -- i am very happy to say
I do feel that Cadillacs were somehow undervalued for all the quality that has gone into them compared to other GM cars -- especially in our year cars
Nice to know that we could be getting much closer to getting more Return on our investments in the future although at this point in time that has little to do with the reason we restore these cars as we do
The big cubic inch engines do bring the most dollars like the engines in our cars

Shes ( He's ) So Fine Who Knows where the money went !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta like the --big money being spent --on high quality restorations on mostly American rides --it is exciting to be a part of this trend

They just Don,t make 63-64 Cadillacs ---anymore

The 57 that sold for 200,000 dollars was like new and 60'years old -so we may have to wait a few years and spend 100,000 on the cars restoration but the return on investment looks like it could be there in the future --Yes Yes Yes
I see value increases in the STARS for our rides as this trend is sure to continue
The American economy showing signs of growing stronger is some fine motivation to support the trend i see going on


Tony, Put the pipe down! Dino's personal value is priceless, however, street value is maybe $20K, if & when I stick the AC back on it. Really doesn't matter to me... as it will never be sold. Most #2 de Ville convertibles are pulling in around $20K to $25K. I know.. I help sell them every newsletter and watch ebay every day. Here's one we have been running for 6 months at $23K Bill%20Van%20Luven%20-63-6267%20For%20Sale.pdf 
For Eldorados you can add 50% or more to the price tag.
And... Dino ain't no convertible, but he's mine and not for sale!  And to restate it. I've easily spent over $50K on a car with $20K street value (on a good day), but that $50K price has delivered a $billion dollars worth of happiness. 

As far as Grand National Judging, 1st place finish is just a category of scoring (90 points or better) and you can have 10 1st place cars in a particular class if enough cars that can score 90 or better show up!  A better goal is a Senior award (95 points), an even better goal is a Senior Wreath (97 points) and the ultimate goal is Senior Crown (99 points). And, to be clear with the GN judging you are not being judged by comparison to the car next to you, or on in competition to the car next to you, but instead against that particular car as it was delivered new to the customer.

So, it is not a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, whose got the best car contest, it is a look at your car against a factory new car.  This to me is a much better way to judge a car if you are keeping it original or restoring to original (like I am for the most part).  You can learn more about CLC Judging by picking reading the CLC Judging Manual available on the CLC website - or by Clicking Here.

Here is a quick rundown of CLC Judging awards:

Senior Crown 99 points minimum

Senior Wreath 97 points minimum

Senior 95 points minimum

First Prize 90 points minimum

Second Prize 80 points minimum

Third Prize 70 points minimum

Tony, hands on the comforter please...

The big issue when "normal folks" see big prices obtained for high end, restored cars, is that the cars that would normally be sold as Parts or Donor Cars, skyrocket in price.

A good parts car that would sell for a $1,000, all of a sudden, the asking price is $5,000 or $10.000. All because, some numpty saw the same model go for an astronomical price. That car will often sit until its worth nothing, all because of greed.

I hope cars, just hold a steady price or worth. Like others on here, I'll need to be dead before the Fleetwood gets a for sale sign on it, so what it is worth, really is irrelevant.

A steady price, means more will get the car they deserve, as more folks can afford to own them.

Better for our hobby in many ways...... in my humble opinion.   


Right on Kevin.  I drive three classics every day and do not own a "new" car.  So when I show up in a '64 Cadillac series 62 coupe, '57 Cadillac series 62 coupe or '66 Corvair Monza people think I am "rich" because they watch these shows and equate the age of the car with tons of resale value. 

On a good day, I mean a very good day indeed I could probably cash the whole lot out for $42,000 which is less than the cost of a new Cadillac of any model. 

I love to see these shows but sadly it gives the general public a misconception about real values. 

You are correct Kevin. But inflation is in everything and keep in mind that every year there will be fewer 63/64 Cadillacs around. Pushing prices up including junk.

Ofc, some hillbilly will think his rusted away junk is worth an arm and a leg. Let him dream on. He wouldn't understand your point anyways. Too many people have an inflated imagination.

I sometimes look on Zillow, seeing houses being for sale for five or more years. No price reduction and they can't figure out why their shithole house doesn't sell!

Oh Tony, I sold real estate for 18 years.... geez brother, don't get me started on overpriced houses. (Now you know why i'm a mower man LOL)

Sorry, that should be Anders, not Tony.



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