Being grateful for owning such a beautiful work of art. The Amazing 63/64 Cadillac's.

It just hit me the other day on how lucky I am to own my 64 Caddie. After recently searching the web for a nice 63/64 for sale, it's becoming almost impossible to find them in good shape these days without spending a fortune.

It's sorta strange how things work out for some people. I had no interest in purchasing a 64 Cad at all, or any sort of desire to own one. It happened by chance and quick scroll on my local craigslist. There are days where I'll randomly look up Cadillacs for sale online locally, but not having any serious interest in buying one, but only to see what the asking prices are going for and whats out there.

Well, that day was in November of 2015 when I brought home my 64! I remember clearly like it was yesterday when I called the owner and asked if I can come check it out, I honestly wanted to see a 64 Cad up close, and personally and had no expectations of getting it.

But wow was I in shock when I first saw the car in person! Not only are these cars gorgeous up close, but they are massive! I owned a 61 Lincoln Continental at the time and always felt like the Lincolns were a bit too conservative and bland in the 60's compared to the more flamboyant 60's Cadillacs. The Lincolns back then are definitely unique and had it's own styling cue's having suicide doors in all, but I really got tired of looking at it. It was too small to be a luxury car, and it needed a lot of work. So I contemplated with myself on what should I do. Should I sell the Linc and get the Caddy?? This was a serious decision because that means parting ways with a car I owned for 10 years and still like driving, but I was fascinated by the Cadillac so much that it didn't take long for me to understand that not only can't I pass up a deal like this, but I probably wont ever get another chance like this again to own something in such nice condition. 

So I asked the owner if he could hold the car for me until I sold my Linc, he said yes but only with a deposit. So I gave him $700. Assuming I would sell my Linc in a weeks time, it was immature of me because it actually took 8 months to sell it! I didn't realize that it can take a long time to sell a car, it doesn't matter how nice it is, you always have to compromise and understand that buying a car is a big deal and an expensive one, so it's never good to assume anything unless you know for a fact whatever it may be. Once I had the car in my hands, I fell even more in love with it! I've never owned such a car that still impresses me every time I get behind the wheel, even to this day. I think to myself "Now this is a real Cadillac!".

My point with this thread is to remind everyone to be truly grateful that you own these cars, no matter what trials and tribulations you had to go through to get them running and looking right. They are honestly the last of an era, an era where everything fun, youthful, exciting and stylish was the name of the game. An era where quality mattered, performance mattered, and styling was at its peak being the last of the fins. Also they are getting harder to find in nice shape for a reasonable price.

65 brought in a whole different era of Broughamism, which is also nice as it added even more creature comfort features and more couch like seating to its cars, but it lost some of that Cadillac youthful cool flair and chrome-laden high-quality interiors.

I want to thank Jason for creating this wonderful site, as he obviously knows there's something special about these Cadillac's compared to other years, and how there is a huge fanbase for them. The added support from others here, not in just supplying parts, but giving advice and help that is much needed and appreciated by all of us because if it wasn't for such generous people on this forum, I don't know how most of us would be able to restore our Cads and fix em up properly as DIY car guys.

Thank you all for your support and keep on cruisin!

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Chris we seem to be in the same boat, pun intended, when it came to buying a Cadillac. I was perusing the clasic car classifieds and saw my 64 sedan deville. I was in no way looking for or interested in Cadillacs. It just was a car from the year I was born. There wasn't much information in the ad, just four pictures. I do like big unique cars so I thought I would go look at it. It had been in a warehouse for many years and looked rough. The paint had an inch of crud on it with staining. The tires were half flat and front seat in rough shape. I was told by the owner had passed and the engine and transmission were rebuilt. I don't know when as the engine paint wasn't that great. I left not thinking I was going to buy it but I couldn't stop thinking about it. So I started to research 64's and found out it was the last year of the fins. I had to have another look. I brought a jack this time and pulled a couple wheels off and found all new brakes. I also could find zero rust and I looked everywhere. I was hooked to say the least. I left not wanting to make an offer on the spot as I needed to do more research. They were asking seven but knowing the money I was going to spend I called the son of the owner and offered four. They countered at five but I stuck at four and they took the offer. I think it was a fair amount based on research . The workers for the family told me they spent a lot more than four just for the motor rebuild. For a car that was so far off my radar I am now hooked. It also has it's own mortgage LOL and I'm pretty sure I'm upside down on It at over forty. But who cares I love this thing along with my colony park wagon that is also mint and rust free. Im quite happy that these things are not the best collector cars as i would not havebought them. They are unique, affordable and beautiful all the same.

Over the years, I've owned my fair share of cars. All were memorable, some we just had the best time with, but one or two were forgettable..... all memorable in one way or another.  

Enter, a 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood: By far, the best car I have ever owned. I'm so grateful, to be able to call this car.....MINE... well, ours really.

The first owner, had it for 45 years, the second, 6 years and then us. I feel i'm more of a custodian of the car, until the time is correct for it to be enjoyed by the next person. That's a long way off and any buyer at that time, will want to be "right for the car" too, or they'll get a short shift real fast.

The hardest part of owning this car, was knowing it had to packed, racked and loaded for a trans pacific crossing, to be changed from one ship to another in Taiwan and just the sheer travel time involved in shipping a car to Australia.

I'll never forget the day, when I first laid eyes on the car at the Customs holding facility. The Fleetwood was just sitting there, looking a little bit lost and scared, unsure of its future. I was pretty excited and pleased.... the emotion of being able to touch it, see it ..... I LOVED IT.

Even on the trip home, the car proudly riding on the back of the Tilt Tray Tow Truck, I would every now and again, look out the back window at that awesome grill and headlight assemblies looking back at me........ I think, the car may have even "winked" at me at one point.

At one point, after sneaking a look out the back, Barry the towie said.....

"Geez Kev, she's a beauty"   

Yeah Chris, i'm very grateful that I own the 1964 Cadillac that's mine.... oh ok, ours.

Right on Clovis! That's awesome to hear :) it always feels good when you know you got it for a sweet deal! Great story.


I so really LOVE your post -- as it such a good explination of how these amazing cars can add so much enjoyment to a --CAR NUTS life ( Cadillac Crazy guys )
These year cars are the best of the best in so many categories of automobile experience excellence
I think the only thing you left out is --the number of hours i have spent staring at this car all my life --in the garage --in the driveway being amazed at the cars beauty
Metal car art at its very finest is what it represents to me
Driving the car --is as exciting --as not believing how beautiful the car you are in is
My Beacon Blue convertibles color is very special to me
That shade of blue and the metalic paint Is just perfect ---to reflect my --inner SOUL


Nobody ever says ---it Rides like a Lincoln !!----LOL !!!!


Wait a minute Tony. My mercury colony park has a dash plack that states "RIDE ENGINEERED BY LINCOLN" So sorry sir once in a while it does ride like a LINCOLN. Wooohooo!!

Well, we had a lovely "Cadillac ride" today.

I ran my Cars n Coffee monthly meet today before leading a run to the Kin Kin Hotel via Cedar Pocket Dam and then on to Hell Town Hot Rods via Pomona.

The 64 did itself proud, well, all the cars did, the temp varied between 100 and 105 all day and its still the 100 outside now and its 4:30 in the afternoon. We had lots of tight twisty roads, steep descents, some steep climbs and I'm telling ya, the ol Fleetwood did it with grace, style and flair.  

I tell ya, the ol Fleetwood looked a Million Dollars sitting outside the hotel too, even if its bum did hang out a bit.

I always feel pretty good inside when i'm out driving my Caddy and it is special.

Now, having said that, Lincoln Long, Lincoln Low, Lincoln Lovely is still ok with me too.

Kev, thanks for sharing that with us! These babies especially the 64's with Turbo400 really do get up so effortlessly on the road, like a rocket! It's been a nice time to cruise in CA as the weather has been perfect.

I took out the Caddy last night with me and my fiance' for a date night and it was wonderful, we got looks and compliments the entire time. 

Some of you guys have many many YEARS on me, but that's ok because I know I'll eventually get there, and understand the older I become the even more important my Caddy will mean to me. I really do think we are a special group, as Cadillac only made this beautiful body style for 2 years.

You're right Tony lol, but still, the old Lincolns do ride lovely.

It seems the older our cars get-- the Better they LOOK --compared to the other cars on the road --that seem to look --more like each other with very little style differences
You have to --look to see --the emblem on the car to know what kind of car it is !
It is the --newer Cadillacs --that still stand out regarding style and driving performance on the roads today
You just know the persons income and lifestyle is a bit above the norm who ownes these cars
You still know if a new Cadillac --is in your sights
There is --a hell of a lot of Pride of ownership always --associated with GM's top of the line luxury motor car
The stock 64 Cadillac has what i call --THE CLOUD 9 RIDE ( stock ) -- as it glides over the road ever so smoothly isolating you from anything a rough road will throw at you while driving with --ONE FINGER
I do think this ride is the result of the wheels of the car being so far apart due to the cars size that it isolates the cabin from the activity at the wheels--- unlike other smaller cars
The large size of our cars has a lot to do with its quality ride and those days are gone unless you want to be driving some of the large trucks today --which is not my thing ( far to many of them )
Amazing --that after 50 plus years we are still -in AWE -of our cars outastanding looks and style --that truely has become --an Icon --in the car world ( mostly 59--64 Caddies for me ) and represents so much of the high quality and wonderful life style they represent in America --for the years they were introduced to the public
We are lucky and gratefull to be owning one of these very fine machines for the joy they bring us and the fact they -truely represent the Ultimate Antique -----Cadillac Crazy GUY -- in all who own one
Anyone --Crazy enough --to keep a 50 plus year old Cadillac in great condition--( and the many skils that requires) just because --is ok with me
We really are a --very special bread --OF CAR GUY - to be doing what we do

It is an unexpected 80 dgrees for more than a week in central Florida ( in Feb ) breaking records daily ----The 64 classic Antique Cadillac Convertible with the top down ----------is ready to ROLL !
Need i say more ! ---AMEN !!!!


Its still a Mercury Station Wagon -- not a Lincoln
I love your wagon and am very sure the ride is wonderful if you say so
Nobody says -- it rides like a Mercury Station Wagon --though !! lOL !!




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