Hey everyone, the rear end of my 63 coupe has a loose feeling to it, almost like riding on jello.  I’ve replaced the shocks, the trailing arm bushings, upper control arm bushings, upper control arm ball joint, driveshaft center support,and transmission mount, to no avail.  All but 2 body mounts look to be in really good shape, the 2 in question are completely deteriorated with a bolt that just spins around,  I have them circled in the photo, do you think that these would cause my problem?

    Also the shop manual shows the bushing as an “F” the bushing in this location on my car definitely looks more like a “B” , does anyone know the history and purpose behind this mount? I noticed that it’s not on the previous years.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


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All trailing arm bushings—— sold on the market  today have about a 600 mile lifetime which is extremely short lived and an unacceptable replacement part 

Have you put 600 miles on them since they were replaced as they may have become damaged due to an inferior replacement product and the only replacement part available 

If you find they are damaged ( distorted ) when you check them   I will tell you what to purchase to fix the problem 

Not sure myself about your  body mounts causing the problem  but best to be repairing them also to get back to that Cadillac ride that these cars do very much better than other year Cadillacs when they are driving as they should from the factory 

I do see that you have replaced many of the rear end suspension parts that could be a part of your issue 


My last sentence means it is a good thing you have replaced the parts you have to get to the bottom of your problem which I see could be misunderstood as written 


Luckily I read some past discussions on the trailing arm bushings, I went with Dan McNarry’s polurathane replacement bushings.

Without any pictures its very hard to figure out anything. Poor body mounts wouldn't make the car riding on jello. My guess its something else. And as Tony points out the replacement bushings are crap.

See Polyurethane Replacement Trailing Arm Bushings for some ideas. Maybe Dan still can make these replacement arms.

Maybe jello might have been a bad analogy,  it’s like a springing feeling almost like the shocks aren’t working. I’ve ruled the shocks out because I’ve gone through 3 sets.  I’m also hesitant to think it’s a body mount but I figured I’d get a second opinion.

while that may be an ugly cracked mount, it's not evident that it's a problem from this pic.
Bad rubber mounts are mounts that move, and they leave a tell tale trail;  the metal around and between the bushings would be shiny and their would either be black smearing of the rubber or rubber dust around it.    This is undisturbed, and there is rust on the metal in the middle of the brace, so this mount is not moving relative to the car.  

Dans custom made trailing arms are the only answer we have  for the rear trailing arm bushing issue  

You can put rubber spacer they sell that insert in the  rear springs that will slow down the spring action you are explaining 

Just jack up the car that will expand the springs and insert the rubber spacers and drop the car  - a cheep fix 

The other option would be to replace the rear springs if they have lost there spring action over the years 

The springs are the only thing you have not changed at the rear suspension 

I do think the rubber inserts will work out


An update on this,  I took Tony’s advice on the spring spacers,  and the car Sits, rides,  handles, and looks a heck of a lot better.  This solved half the problem,  the jello feeling,  I discovered was from the exhaust.  The car came a beautifully welded custom exhaust and they used universal hangers that are very tight, this almost made the exhaust feel like it was spring loaded and that spring feel transferred through the car when I hit a bump.  
Thanks for all the help.  



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