Hi Good Morning America 

Today I’ll like to bring awareness, and hope to help prevent future headaches. 

20years and they still got my order wrong !

At Cadillac King i spent over 1400$ on parts. I specifically told Tom the model of my caddy.

1964  Cadillac Sedan De Ville -6 window.

I drove from Oakland to Pacoima, When I got there he didn’t had my stuff ready. Himself and even his workers started going around like crazy looking for my items. Tom knew I was going out there so this was a bit unpleasant. So 30 mins later they had it all , i took a look at the parts to make sure they were good quality. They loaded them up and I left. I get home the quarter was correct and other items but the door they gave me was incorrect.

The door is the same height and looks exactly  identical . It was only when at the shop while fitting and actually comparing the doors with a tape measure it was revealed that he gave me the wrong door.

On top where the door makes that sort of U wave, it’s smaller than my 64. It’s off by one inch, my 64 is four inches and this door has 3 . Also On the side where the door meets the inner door rocker it’s different shape. 

I call Tom and let him know.

Now take in mind that this is a private own junkyard in which you place an order and they will get it for you.

Not a junk yard where you walk in and take off what you need.

I specifically told him my model and what i  wanted to buy.

Tom gave me some correct items but not the door. So obviously he knew my Cadillac style

This here is not my fault ! But I should have check them , and I did . But the door so easily mistaken, specially when you gather the items last me for me.

He agreed to give me my money back , since he doesn’t have my door, he wanted me to take two doors apart to make on door like mine. But I want a real 64 six window sedan rear door. 

Meh wanted me to wait till he has an order up here to come for the door and give me a refund. Well it’s been six months and no refund .

we talked on the phone 

Now he wants me to drive from Oakland to Pacoima AGAIN ?!

Just to get store credit ? I don’t need no more parts except a rear door , and they don’t have that . 

I’m requesting full refund 375$ and for him to pick up his wrong door. They have 20+ years of experience! There should be no room for such error. 

Tom doesn’t answer no more and now I’m looking to open a small claims. 

Stay away from this place! 

If any can trade me  for a 1964 six window sedan LH rear door, that would help me a lot. 

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The 1963 and 1964 4 window sedans use a very different shaped door than the 6 window sedans. The light (looks like blue, maybe white) door in your 1st picture with the extended inner back section looks like the 63/64 4 window Sedan Door. The 4 window sedans had a rear inner section that extended way back to a point at top. 6 windows did not and look like door in that 1st picture.

In addition, 1963 and 1964 doors were also different for both 4W and 6W type doors in that the U shaped valley on the back top of 63 door was deeper due to the steeper tail fin and tail fine ridge down the rear qtr., Also, not that there was not tail fin and as I recall the doors were more squared across the back top and am pretty sure that is not a 65 door they sent you but a 4 window sedan. 

For reference see pictures below:

Right Rear 1964 4 window sedan door (6239 and 6339 Body styles):

Rear 1964 6 window sedan door (6229 and 6329 Body styles):

And just to show one... here is a 1963 right rear 6 window door which looks exactly like the 1964 right rear 6 window above, but the valley on top rear will be different due to steeper tail find ridge line down qtr panel. 

Thank you very much Jason 

This is useful information,

Do you perhaps have a six window rear door I can purchase? 

I show I have 5 1964 Right Rear six window core doors on hand. Price would be $125 + s/h. If interested email me at jasoneedge@nc.rr.com and provide address and can get you a total with shipping.

Awesome , Thank You . I will email you right now. 

I sent an email but yahoo says it wrong 


Can you please confirm. 

Oops. my bad, I typed the email out wrong. Should be jasonedge@nc.rr.com 

I'll correct the reply above.

I drove from Oakland to Pacoima and back.

a total of 12hrs in a day. 

I could have gotten delivered but i had a lot of items.

Lh Quater Panel, LH rear Door, light housing and more. So it was better to drive.

even if I would have payed delivery, I would have to pay to send it back for an error they made , and they would have sent another wrong door like they did to this other person I read on google reviews. And I would have to pay for that delivery too? 

Hopefully I’ll solve this headache at court. And maybe shut them down. 



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