1963. Rock auto, caddy daddy, OPGI, all no go. Mine is original and failing. Options???? Im here in Toronto. Was hoping to move forward quickly, but doesnt look like that will happen. 

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What's wrong with it Ian?

intermittent poor performance. It bogs sometimes. Took it all apart and main contactor is half burned off. And in motor brush holders are scoring the armature. I could get a new solenoid and some brushes, i guess. But i figured while i have it out....just do it right. 

I had my starter rebuilt by Romaine Electric, 6320 E. Springfield Ave, Spokane Valley, Wa 99212.  Here is their phone number 509 536-8116, I would give them a call and they can rebuild as good as new.  They did my starter for my 64 Deville and it had been turning just like new.  I hope this helps...Henry

Ok sounds like your on it. I thought maybe you didn't have it apart yet to see what's going on. Jason or Russ should be along in a bit to help you out. I didn't know our starters were hard to find. You can check eBay, search for mofreta. He's a member here and from western Canada. He has reasonable prices for used parts. Good luck

About 2 to 3 years ago the rebuilt original starters (1st Hydramatic then Turbo Hydramatic starters) started drying up via the local auto parts stores (e.g. Auto Zone, O'Reilly, etc), and then I believe Rock Auto and the Big Box online stores started drying up, so most people I know in a pinch are having them rebuilt at Auto Electric shops are rebuilding them, themselves. What you can find (and I have a good stock of) or Solenoid switches. If it simple doesn't engage the gear, check and replace the solenoid switch.  There are good used ones out there and I've brought in 3 or 4 very good ones in the last couple of years, but the demand has far outstripped the supply (at least from Classic Cadillac Parts!). For someone that just wants a good one to have on hand or not in a hurry shoot me an email to jasonedge@nc.rr.com and I will add you to my Wait List.

ya. theres a couple on ebay. $330. plus shipping, plus exchange rate. Yikes.  How can i hide this from the wife...

Mate, I've just bought a brand new starter here in Australia for $89.00 for our 64. (3 bolt mounting) Its from Wilson Electrical USA or something like that. A good mate here, is a manager in a Automotive Electrical outlet here in Oz and he got it for me. I just googled it, this is the place    http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&s...

Crap, I hope the copy and paste thing worked ok.  

I have good working starters, so shoot me an email;  russ85747@hotmail.com 

There has to be a shop in your town that can rebuild yours.

I have 3 and I'm in Winnipeg. I can also recommend good rebuilders depending on where in the GTA you're located.

Just to close up this thread. The motor Brushes were down to the nub.  The armature and field coils were fine.  I caught it just in time.  Local parts supply had a rebuild kit for $20.00 and a solenoid for $80.00. Was pretty easy.  Am painting it now then back in tomorrow am. Should be good as new. Thanx for support. 

Holy cow, that solenoid is expensive.  I pay about 18.00 here in Arizona.

Pretty much the norm in Canada, $80 for us and $18 for you guys. Our exchange rate is close 35% right now then we get exclusive wholesalers who rip us off even mere because they have exclusive rights to all of Canada.



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