Hello all, I just wanted to offer my services to everyone. I have been working on old cars for over 40 years. I have been rebuilding carburetors for many people either performance and or stock original. I have rebuilt carbs for Honest John if you would like to contact him for reference. I will rebuild most carbs in 24 hours Once I received them and will ship back to you completely rebuild and engine tested. Please feel free to call or text. 817-694-4324 I am located in Fort Worth Texas. 

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Jerry, Good to have you here with us. Can you give is some pricing on rebuilding an original Rochester 4GC or Carter AFB. I am also curious what method you use to clean the carb parts that allows you to turn the process around in 24 hours. It has been a long, long time since I rebuilt one and remember it taking a couple days to get everything cleaned like I wanted it. I know there are ultrasound techniques, etc... just curious.
ps. John Foust is a top notch guy. Value his friendship. 

I use a commercial ultrasonic. Pinesol and water.  At 50 degrees C. I’ll use steam to clean stubborn passages. I charge $175 for most carburetors. John is a great guy I enjoy visiting with Him and looking all the cool stuff he has.I'm going to need his help with my 63 I’m having issues with my left blinker.

I'm assuming by left blinker you are referring to the top of fender turn signal indicator. The two main issues, other than bulb just burning out, are loosing ground where they attached to the top of fender via the studs and serrated nuts, or the base corrodes out. You can sometimes remove headlight bezel and get up there with a socket and tighten a bit more. If the base is corroded out it depends on how far gone it is if it can be reasonably repaired. If you end up needing the left turn signal indicator give me a shout at www.jasonedge@nc.rr.com. I do parts on the side (and have supplied John Foust over the years) and can read about my side business at www.ClassicCadillacParts.com

its the blinker below the headlight. i have power in the harness but not at the socket. and how do the side marker lights work? cant  seem to get those working on either side. And how do i get the fender bulb out?

If bulb is not bad (two filaments, one for for park light - white wire, one for signal - dark blue wire), then the bulb base in the park / turn light fixture might be corroded and not making contact with bottom contact on bulb. You can sometimes remove bulb and take a needle nose pliers and work wire and spring back and forth spraying with WD40. the contacts on wire tip contact and bulb bottom sometimes need to scuffed up.

As for the Cornering Lights, per 1963 Cadillac Owners Manual on page 10 "These cornering lights work in conjunction with the turn signals.  When the turn signal is operating in either direction with headlights or parking lights on, the corresponding cornering light emits a steady sideward beam to provide additional illumination for turning corners and reading stream signs." 

If you don't have an owners manual that have a huge amount of information (that many do not realize) and would recommend picking one up. I may have an extra but would need to look. Beyond the owners manual, the Shop Manual is of course a must!

Do you have a gas tank for a 63?

  Hello Jerry, I have a  spare 63 gas tank ; has a few dents but solid & clean inside. I'm about 3 hrs north in Fletcher OK. If you want it , give me what you think it's worth.

can you text me a picture please? my car is a park avenue


 Jerry, can  I get your email address ? I am computer flunkie , my wife can help me. 


My car is a park avenue. So I may need to make one tank out of two

 Jerry , I'm sorry , I was thinking only the  75 series cars used the smaller tank, Mine won't fit.



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