I have posted a few Misc items over on my Classic Cadillac Parts Facebook page at www.facebook.com/classiccadillacparts and will post a few here  on this thread from time to time.

For items you are interested in send email me to jasonedge@nc.rr.com   

To save us both time be sure and provided details including year, body style, color, location (left or right, front or rear, etc), and any other information I need to identify the part. 

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Original 1961-63 Hi Note #430 Horns - $75  <-- Click for more Pictures

I've got a couple of 1961 to 1963 Cadillac original #430 Hi Note Horns for $75 each ($65 to Chapter Members). There were only used for a limited time and were quickly replaced by the smaller 514 horn in 1964. If you are restoring your 1961 to 1963 Cadillac and want the correct original Hi Note horn, this is it! Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com

One horn sold... one left. Need an original 63 Hi note Horn. Here's your chance. Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com

Repaired 64 deVille RH Armrest - $75  <-- Click for More Pictures

I just repaired and sprayed black a 1964 coupe/convertible right passenger side armrest. This arm rest had 2 significant cracks however they have been repaired and arm rest has been sprayed black. Other than the 2 cracks this was a very good arm rest with good top pad. Price is $75. email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com. You can see repair process at this link: http://6364cadillac.ning.com/forum/topics/any-hope-for-this-armrest

I have a set of bucket seats from a 64 Coupe deVille. These were bahama sand and would have been correct for a 1964 deVille Convertible or Coupe de Ville. These were installed in this 64 CDV without the arm rest switches and wiring needed to have power seats. (i.e. they were stationary!)
DETAILS: I removed the bucket seats and all hardware under the seat is there. This includes the seat rails, left and right motors, transmission, cables. There is no wiring harness, and does not have the switches or arm rest switch panels. They also do not include the tack-welded brackets for the floor pan. They had just bolted straight in to one of the pre tapped bench seat holes. I tested the motors and they do not work. I assume the transmission is either good or would just need to be clean and regreased. I rarely see these go bad... just hardened grease. The trim on the passenger seat side and back is actually pretty good. The trim on the driver seat is a bit rough. The seats of course need to be repadded and reupholstered.
WHAT IS INCLUDED? --> What you see! There is no console or the other wiring and switches.
PRICE: The seats with everything pictures is $200. ($180 to CLC 63/64 Cadillac Chapter Members).
SHIPPING: Due to size and weight you need to pick up or arrange for transport.
EMAIL ME at jasonedge@nc.rr.com

Excellent 1964 to 1967 429 Cylinder Head Set - $250  <-- Click for More Pictures

I have an excellent cylinder head set from a running 1964 429 engine that fits 1964 to 1967 Cadillacs (except 66-67 CA cars with A.I.R.)  Both stamped with casting #1481395.  The price is $250 for the pair or $135 each. You can see the engine these were pulled from at this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/8eTRXqXfzes Email me at jasonedge@nc.rr.com.



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Rear glass

Started by David Stapp in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by David Stapp 32 minutes ago. 10 Replies

anyone know of a company that makes the rear glass for our cars? I can’t seem to find any. 1964 4 door 4 window hard top.…Continue

Where can I buy resistance wire for my 1963?

Started by Tim Walterson in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by Tim Walterson 35 minutes ago. 4 Replies

Hello - just signed up for this forum - looks like a great resource!  I perused the posts and did some searches.  I see most of the posts related to my questions are about doing away with resistance…Continue

front engine pulley removal

Started by tom servas in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by tom servas 11 hours ago. 7 Replies

Am removing the front cover on our 64 engine with AC. Have all 6 bolts that hold the pulley onto the damper removed, can wiggle the pulley BUT it will not come fully off the damper, Is there…Continue

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Is there a separate Starter Relay, or does the Solenoid serve that purpose?

Posted by Norman Silverman on August 30, 2019 at 5:57pm 7 Comments

Hello All.

I will be replacing the starter solenoid tomorrow (actually my mechanic will do the work, I'll just supervise). In checking the FSM electrical schematic and chapter verbiage, I don't see anything that looks like (or is referred to as) a starter Relay. It seems the Starter Solenoid serves the function and there's no separate relay. Right or Wrong?

If wrong, where…


Starter Solenoid replacement-how difficult? Where to buy?

Posted by Norman Silverman on August 20, 2019 at 8:24pm 8 Comments

Hello All.

I believe the starter solenoid has gone bad in my 64 DeVille. When I turn the key, often all I get is a click, then if I try a few times again the starter turns perfectly. All battery cables are on tight and the battery is good. So, I believe this problem is the solenoid. Where do I buy the right solenoid and is it necessary to remove the starter in order to swap it out? …


Frame Markings

Posted by Gene McIlroy on August 12, 2019 at 6:26pm 1 Comment

Just got my frame back from powder coating so thought I would post photos of the front and rear frame markings.…


Lining up the drive shaft

Posted by Dominic Salemi on August 12, 2019 at 5:47pm 2 Comments

Can anyone shed some light on how to position the complete drive shaft in the correct position? I want to make sure my drive shaft is installed properly.





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