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Here is an alternative to the expensive cost of restoring the grill on a 63 series 62. When pricing the re-chroming job for the owner, I was quoted $5000 to disassemble and re-anodize and $3000 to chrome dip.Since my customer is not opposed to the custom look, this is the option I chose, using some self etching epoxy primer, a belt sander, and clear coat. This is much more affordable, and in my humble opinion, I like the floating bars!

Anyone interested in this can feel free to ask for more DIY details, or I can offer this service through my restoration shop.

Wow nice!
A very nice clean look if you are into a custom look for your ride


It looks fantastic, and matches the grill inserts on the sides.  I'm definitely interested in how it was done.

This is simply the original grill, thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with black self-etching epoxy. Then a belt sander with 180 grit paper is run long-ways over the broad horizontal bars leaving a brushed aluminum look. All the other narrow bars (vertical and horizontal) are still there, just blacked out. Then, all is coated in polyurethane clear coat to keep the aluminum from oxidizing. the horizontal bars on the cornering light matching up was just a happy accident and tied the whole thing together.

That looks amazing! Great work!

The fact that you extended the black from one signal light to the other broadens the look of the front end of the car
I do like the way that looks very much

How does the black over the signal light ( usually clear plastic ) effect the turn signal light when in use ?


The signal light on the 63 is a small round lamp in the center of the insert. I f you look closely, it has not been altered.

That's a very classy style of grille. I've seen lots custom grilles done, but this one just seems to ooze class.

Yep, that would put a woody on a jellyfish.

The more i look at your grill the more i like it
It has a very solid look about it that fits these cars
Is the best liner style grill i think i have ever seen on our year Cadillacs and i have seen some
You have something very special here for those who want to go the custom route with there rides

Leaving the Cadillac Script on the custom grill i think is just a Fantastic touch
and adds a bit of an artisic touch to the work
Real nice work




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