I just dragged a 64 Fleetwood home from a field in Texas and it has some options that are not on the ID tag. It has twilight sentinel, cruise control and a white painted top that are not noted on tag. Was Cadillac offering all these options at the dealer level? I guess the only was to know for sure would be to have the original sale receipt.

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Very nice looking Fleetwood color combo

Does not look like it was in the weather much in that photo

The top could have been painted after the car was built by one its owner over the years if needed

The Fleetwoods does come with all - the bells and whistle creature comforts stock
Just not sure why they would not be listed on the tag under the hood

To know for sure i think you would want the original buid sheet that you can get from GM for a fee ( use to be 50 dollars )
That may confirm the info you are in question about


Very nice colour combo.

Interesting fact i'd never noticed before. Looking at a 64 series 75 limo on Hemming's, and they have cranking quarter vent windows in the front.

Because the 75's are such a carry over model, it would appear, unless i'm wrong, that no electric quarter vents would have been available.

That's a bit crook, considering, a Fleetwood series 75 limo, is the most expensive unit available in 1964.

I think, as a buyer in1964, I'd be a bit disappointed with that. 

Can you post a picture of the Body ID Plate up on the cowl?  Dealers would often install additional items even if they were not the typical dealer installed options, especially if you had deep pockets. Also, owners may have items added after the fact. I've added several options (e.g. power vents, tilt wheel, controlled differential, 3 way rear view mirror, etc.) that my car didn't come with.

 Here is pic of body tag


So we do show tinted glass, power seats, power trunk, power door locks, AC, and front seat belts. Sentinel would have been J, cruise would have been C, both optional on the 64-6039.

So here's the rub, or the mystery. I have pulled in 37 1964 Cadillac parts cars of which a good % had cruise and/or sentinel and I have never seen J or C stamped on the body tags. I have pulled in some with a LOT of options like the one below but C and J does not show up. I know these are part of the specific option order groups as listed in the Spec Manual, but the car should still list optional accessories as they were built.  If someone knows the answer to the mystery I would like to know it.

So, with the no J or C being seen on body tags makes be believe this car was in fact delivered with cruise and twilight sentinel and the white top was probably done by a previous owner at some time.

Or, the dealer may have sprayed the top white at the request of the original buyer if they preferred a two tone car. My 1964 CDV was always ALL sandalwood from when 2nd owner bought it when car was about a year old in 1965, however, the body tag indicated body was Bahama Sand (44) and top was painted Aspen White (12).   So either dealer painted the Aspen White top Bahama Sand for 1st owner, or that owner had it sprayed before 2nd owner purchased the car in 1965. Here's my body tag:

I'll check later on, but I don't believe I have C or J on my ID tag either.

I'd have to check, but would my build sheet show sentinel and cruise?

I know I have 8 code letters on mine, but that ID tag above is a ripper with 9. :-) Very heavily optioned car, what a shame it got let down by owners over the years before finally becoming an organ donor.

Options such as cruise control, twilight sentinel, and guide-matic are considered chassis options and not body options, and therefore, through 1970 models anyway, were not coded on the body tag. 

Items such as door edge guards and floor mats, while being body options, are considered "non-permanent" and are also not included on the body tag.

Charles... that makes perfect sense and triggered some old thoughts about this subject.  The confusing parts is the Shop Manual simply says 'The series of letters that follows "ACC." denote the accessory equipment installed in production' and there are several examples in original literature that show the C as an option on the body plate such as the 1963 Body Name Plate decode information found on page G-5 of the 1963 Model Parts List seen below. Since, as you pointed out, one can consider these as Chassis and not Body options, it seems like a plausible explanation but it is not consistent with all of the documentation. I've never done a deep dive into the matter but your explanation makes the most sense.

Here is that 1963 body decode page showing the C as an option:


One very interesting bit of General Motors option history detail

The JC option ?
Does that mean GOD rides by your side where ever you go in your Antique Classic Cadillac ?
He is a fan of Cadillacs i have been told
Looks like a good option to have ---PMSL !!




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