As some recent posts have pointed out, dealing with our cars for parts can be challenging at the best of times. Since these cars aren't the "classical" 60's hot rods or collectables parts can be hard to find at times. Some parts that wear out on a more regular basis are available to us such as suspension parts but others such as body panels are not. A lot of the parts that are available to us have a cross fitment to other cars. Some parts cross manufacturers lines also but mostly within a company. If you take the time to read the fine print most resellers of car parts have an addendum to the part number that somewhat states "although this part is not an exact copy of the original it will work as such with minor modifications". These caveats are there to inform you that although it's needing modifications it will work as the factory original. This is a part that will fit several different cars. Fifty years ago they all had their own parts but today "this is all you get". If your looking for exact reproductions of any part good luck. You'll also need that luck for finding NOS parts on eBay that someone thinks they won the lottery with and want you give them their payday. I myself am not looking for a concurs restoration I'm looking for a car that will go on for another 50 years in one way shape or form as I want or the future owner of this car wants. If there is a better way to do things I'm going to be doing it and to that effect I'm talking about improved suspension parts (polyurethane bushings) synthetic grease, electronic ignition, gas shocks and fuel injection to name a few. I've even added aftermarket cruise control. Most if not all things I've installed need to be "worked" to make it work right. But I know this going into a project that it will take some reworking to get it right. My rear control arm bushings are polyurethane and all were slightly larger than the original ones but I made them work. We are fortunate to have a couple of gentlemen here who support theses cars and supply us with reasonably priced parts.

I must say I do love my car as most of us here do but I know what I've got. It's an oddity to say the least but with that oddity is it's also rare and special. If everyone had one I wouldn't that's just the way I am. Every year my car gets a little better and the path getting there hasn't always been easy peasy to say the least.

Feel free to add you two cents, humbly yours , Clovis

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Can we talk about water pumps that come out of the box not working correctly and will overheat the car ( very time consuming job )
Finding lower front bumper buckets and aluminum front engine covers that are hard to locate now
Bad cams on new rebuilt engines
Rocker arms on backwards on new rebuilds that will kill the engines shot at longevity ( so many of this )
Bad brake shoes that have inferior friction materials and cause crazy brake chatter( like the front of the car is going to fall off )
Poor wheel bearings from china ( use the ones from Switzerland )
Bad replacement temp guages
Driveshaft balancing shops that charge a lot and do not fix the driveshaft issue ( so many of these )
Bad fuel pumps out of the box ( short lived )
Broken fly wheels ( possibly due to an engine with the wrong trans behind it )
Special balancing weights or your stock hubcaps will not go on

Just a few of the fun things that come to mind that could develope owning one of our Antique Cadillacs when doing a restoration
That is why special car people ( hobby mechanics ) or those with very deep pockets are the ones that own this type of car
That is partly the reason i freek out when i see other people driving great looking Antique cars
You just know what it takes to do

Owning my 64 convert has been a dream come true for me

Enjoy the madness

"use the ones from Switzerland ". Wrong! The Swiss don't make ball bearings. Its Sweden the best ball bearings come from. I know its hard for Americans to understand the difference between Switzerland and Sweden. Both are in Europe but only one in European Union (guess the looser!).

SKF = Svenska Kullager Fabriken = Swedish Ball bearing Factory.

Well said Clovis !!!! I'm in Australia and have had my moments with parts for the two 63's I have had to buy parts for ??? The only parts I really know are going to fit straight off are what I have bought from Jason or Russ !!! Cheers.

Tony don't bring up the water pump thing again LOL. I almost detonated my engine because of a poorly pressed on impeller. What a nightmare and I'm still trying to forget that one.

Anders Sweden does make some excellent parts that are world renowned. That other place just makes fancy pocket knives. (No offence intended to our Swiss knife making friends) LOL

Very sorry about getting the bearing making country wrong as i did know from the past that SKF are the good bearings to use
That info was posted some time ago when changing out the wheel bearings on this site

Many owners of our cars for very long periods of time have been there and done that regarding replacement parts and maintenance and are here to give advice and help others thru there restoration blues when called on
Jason Edge in my opinion could be the leading authority on the subject of our cars and his opinion on a given subject would be the way to do a given repair correctly ( with pictures and arrows to boot)
He will have the last word on a given subject for me after dealing with this website for the past eleven years
He is the web master
We are all very lucky to have this kind of communication available no matter were you are in the world and much of that is about his hard work desire to share his knowledge and passion for our subject
This place would not be what it is without him
Thanks Jason and to those that live here ( you know who you are )


This community is very fortunate to have Jason Edge. The rare combination of knowledge,dedication ,selflessness does not go un-noticed. I am a long time 61/62 owner and visit this forum a lot due to the work that Jason has put into this forum. I have bought parts from Jason and I appreciate his skills

Thanks, Doug. We have great cars and great company here on the 63/64 site. What more can you ask for! Like most, I like sharing my experience, and learning from others, and a website such as this makes it easy for all of us spread around the globe to get together and share that passion for these great automobiles!

Although I owned my '63 for just a short time, the new owner is a loyal customer for whom I have built several cars. Therefore, I have had the distinct pleasure of restoring and future servicing of this magnificent automobile, and will have another one day for myself (as soon as I find another great deal). I would surely still be trying to figure some things out if I had not stumbled across this site with all of the info everyone shares here. I am about to turn the Series 62 convertible over to the customer as the re-construction is nearly complete. But I will still visit this site to read through the forum. I thank everyone for the help and conversations to get me through this one, and I will look forward to my next 63-64 caddy!



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I found this very helpful, written by a knowledgeable authority in public health. 

Remember, Viruses are not spread by Cadillacs so get out and drive!

Safe & Healthy travels. 

Jeff Kinzler

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