Whats the chance a '66 429 would fit into a '64 with Turbo Hydromatic?

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This is extremely important info for the entire community especially since you know this was done and worked to boot 

This could be the answer to keeping our Cadillacs running into the future with more engines being available for rebuild and replacement which is a —-big—-big deal  !

Glad I started this discussion —in the odd way I did —by overlooking the trans installation  possibilities in  complete error ? ?

I am very sure that the flywheels being damaged could be those trying to bolt an engine with the wrong size crankshaft to a trans that does not belong behind it especially with the many driveway hobby mechanics that own our year cars and the confusion that some may experience getting the right part they SB using —-which will never happen when getting the parts from Jason or Russ ( the 63 - 64 GURUS —Amen ) 

I really do not care for them — using up our FLYWHEELS ——LOL !!!!!

 Very Exciting News for me and the community


This info is FREEKING me out !! And made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's great a person can ask one question and get such great responses.

So here's another one. If converting a non power vent window car to power vents, what is needed besides the motors and door switches. I'm mostly interested in the working parts such as relays, gearing, and linkage. Do all doors come pre-drilled to bolt everything in?

Another question: The engine number matches the frame number under the radiator, under the horns however it doesn't match the numbers on the cowl tag. What is the purpose is the cowl tag or the cowl tag "BW" number which is on the same line as the 4 digit vehicle classification number.

Those topics have been covered before and are in the Help section. Click on Help above and then scroll down to - Vent Windows - Adding Power Vent Windows to a car that came with Manual Vent Windows   and    - Body Name Plate (ID Plate on top left of firewall near cowl)

FYI: You can find a lot of topics already covered there.

Kurt is spot on with his reply... both covered on our Help Page.

I looked through the Help Section which states at the end there is more in the Oct '12 blog post. It was a carbon copy of the vent window help section. I'm not that much of a tech guy so there may be something on this confuser I'm missing. What I'm looking for is if there is anything inside the door (linkage, levers, gears etc.) that might be needed. Are the non power vent doors already drilled or ready to accept the power vent window motors? I've already figured I'll need to come up with wiring for this. Are there relays or anything else electrical related needed? 

Any advise by you on your experience would by appreciated by me.

 What I'm looking for is if there is anything inside the door (linkage, levers, gears etc.) that might be needed.
NO. Parts needed are listed in the article. This is a simple replacement of the manual vent window crank regulator with one with a motor attached at the bottom. Push the button one way and it turns motor one direction, push button the other and it turns the other way. The regulator & motor and wiring to it and controls in the arm rests are the things needed. No physical alteration or additional hardware in the doors. 

Are the non power vent doors already drilled or ready to accept the power vent window motors? YES.  No drilling required. Power vent window motor/regulator is held onto door at same location as manual vent window regulator. Manual vent window regulator comes out, power vent window regulator + motor goes in ... in and of course you run the wiring connector to it. 

I've already figured I'll need to come up with wiring for this.
Tisted in the Help Topic:
The parts you will need to do this upgrade include: - power vent window motors/regulators as seen above - 6 way window switch and arm rest switch plates with cutout for 6 way switch for left/driver side, - extra 1 way switch on the right side and switch plate with the extra cut for 2nd window switch on right/passenger side -  8 conductor power window harness to replace the 6 conductor power window harness that includes, the additional 2 wires running between the power vent window switches.

It also goes on to state:

Also for 1964 Cadillacs you will need to get the solid top-front door panel metal filler plate to replace the one with the hole for the manual handle as seen below:

Are there relays or anything else electrical related needed? 
No. Parts listed are stated above and in the help article.

I sure appreciate your help in this. Nothing worse than getting something apart and finding you need something else to get the job done. Thank You

The back of the 65 - 67  429 short block had to be redesigned to incorporate — the spacer — that was used on the 64 429 to install the then borrowed Buick turbo 400 trans to the 64 429 engine only 

Trans spacer —was used only —in 64 429 with the Turbo 400 trans behind it - not the Hydramatic 

Trans spacer  was only used in 64 with turbo 400 trans which adds the confusion  and  you must have the correct crankshaft in the 429 engine —to mate to that  trans which is another complication to getting this engine and trans swap done right without breaking flywheels due to an incorrect mating of those parts 

These complications have to be understood or you could mate the the wrong 429 engine ( having the wrong crankshaft in it ) to the incorrect trans for that  engines crankshaft 

That is just some of why it is complicated —to be doing anything other than —rebuilding the 64 429 with the turbo trans for  a  64 Cadillac if you do have a rebuildable 64 engine to work with and can do that 

These  part interchange  complications are very unique to the models that came with the 429 engine and turbo 400 trans in 1964 only and if you do not. MATE the correct parts you will surely be braking flywheels which is a major headache no one needs 


"The back of the 65 - 67  429 short block had to be redesigned to incorporate — the spacer — that was used on the 64 429 to install the then borrowed Buick turbo 400 trans to the 64 429 engine only"
Tony, that is incorrect. the back of the 65-67 429 (i.e. transmission bellhousing bolt pattern) is exactly the same as the 1964 429.. in fact it is the same as the 1963 390.  Cadillac used the Buick Super Turbine 400 in 1964 on deVilles. Fleetwood Eldorados and the Fleetwood 60 Special, by using an adaptor ring and special starter for the adaptor ring. In 1965 Cadillac Got it's own Turbo HydaMatic type transmission that mounted directly to the back of the 429 block (both the 1965 Series 75 429 with the old style mounting tabs and the 429 with different mounting tabs used on all other 1965 body styles. All of this is noted in our engine help section at www.engines.6364cadillac.com


You are the  very last word for me on the subject of our Cadillacs so thank you for your feedback and correction — as always 




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