this part of floor is available new? I did not find on the net
where I have to look for a used part
thank you

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Any —stock body replacement sheet metal would have to be —cut out of a donor  car and then carefully welded into your car by a person who is skilled in this type of work (  it’s metal fabrication ) 

Difficult to tell the part you are trying to locate from the picture you posted — so pls take other photos for clarity 

If you can do this kind of work or know someone that does you may be able to special order —a sheet metal section out of our year Cadillacs —from a supplier on this site  ( not 100% sure ) and then install the section into your car 

The sheet metal is not sold as a part— for replacement any other place I know of - only from a donor car which the part suppliers do have on here 

We need to know the year of your Cadillac and model —if you will be moving forward —after knowing the above details 

Most guys who would take on this kind of a repair usually are skilled enough to do the work themselves — as it is very expensive time consuming labor intensive work 

The cars floor pans (  the flat part ) are easily accessible for replacement if needed 

If you have a lot of this kind of rust and damage on the cars sheet metal you need to consider your options  of selling the car as a parts car rather than try to be restoring it (  all costs being considered ) 

Hope this helps in understanding the job you are trying to accomplish and some options you would have 

You cannot buy replacement sheet metal parts for our year cars - on eBay—- for example As there is no such source 

Enjoy and Stay Safe 

I also can not tell specifically what the photo shows other than some part of the floor pan. Replacements are available on eBay and I have attached a link.


I have no experience with any of them so I can't recommend or review. I know of them only because I am constantly on eBay looking at all things 63-64 Cadillac. Just letting you know they are out there.


Those are the floor pans ( Flatish ) that I made note of being available for replacement 

I think he is looking for an underbody contoured sheet metal corner of some kind but the photo is limiting regarding locating the actual location he is trying to acquire 


this is a car i would like to buy i will post more pictures of the chassis

Best if you can —to start with little or no rust on the  cars body - to  be  justifying — the dollars that you will be throwing at the car —-to bring it back to being reliable and road worthy ( restoring it ) 

Having to do a lot of metal fabrication will get expensive adding to the above required  expensive expenses 

I see it as spending the extra cost of getting a good body or paying a metal fabricator to repair a rusted out one that will never be the same thing in the end ( unless you are doing the fabrication ) 

Rust is - Metal Cancer - and needs to be cut out and metal sections replaced to be sound 

The degree of rust a body has should be the determine factor as wether the car SB restored or sold for parts 

The car in the picture - has a real lot of rust showing 

Just my two cents - cause you asked 

Enjoy and Stay Safe 

Doors  front fenders  hood and trunk can be removed and replaced if excessive rust 

The body pretty much from the front windshield to the rear bumper is one piece so any contours requiring replacing i in those places would need to come from a donor car ( except the metal floor boards that are available ) 

Two examples I know of are one fellow purchasing the trunk drip rail that Russ cut out and sent him to reinstall in his project that was  rusted out 

Another fellow purchased the rear passenger side quarter panel ( the fin )  that  he cut off a car at Jason’s  Edges home and installed it on to his Cadillac that was damaged 

A lot has to do with your own skills and or having deep pockets to bring a rust bucket back to life 

It has been done before - I am sure !! 




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