FML Hate the starter place ment and the fact ive taken it out like 4 times.

So i had my starter go out. so i got it completely r &r ed by a professional company, and when i went to go install it and fire it up, the starter made this grinding sound and the engine didnt turn over. the starter makes this grinding noise, ive Tried to rotate the starter little bit and it seems to have helped the connection to the fly wheel, as the car does turn over now, but its very slow. like its struggling.  it still dosnt sound like it should. Should i add a shimmy? or is there some other way to calibrate or make sure the teeth are lined up. motor is not locked up, battery is new all the wire is new and and the ground connections are good. when i moved the tranny fly wheel with a screw driver it did seem kinda hard to move. idk if thats normal or not.  Before i got my starter restored the car ran fine. mostly. It just took awhile to start up and eventually went out. Is the maybe a fuse that i blow somewhere. 

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Is there a way to tell if the battery is a gonner, other then the indicator on my battery charger?  It says the battery is good. 

Any auto store can check the batterys condition
They put the battery under a load to test it
I do not think the charger reading good is a true test of itS condition


Just an update on the LeadSled The rebuilt starter broke its pinion arm off so it was moving all crazy like while trying to start it up. Kinda makes me think they didnt look or test that part to begin with.  He replaced it. I also had the battery checked it seems good. Now i just have to wait for the rain to clear up lol.

Hopefully this ends this saga Kris. Then it's on to the next one. LOL

Well. The starter sounds very nice, its very stong and works well. However the car wont run after it starts up,. it starts up then dies. maybe i messed up with the electronic ignition system. 

UPdate. I had to run a new wire from the resistance wire and now she purrs. 

Beautiful, it'll all be worth it in the end. All these challenges will definitely make you a Cadillac pro !!!

Do i understand you are using the resistor wire to the coil In any way ?
You do know you need a full 12volt source to get the most performance from your Pertronics and the resistor wire is only giving you about 10 volts after start up


That is what my problem was at first, using this sites help guide i actually found a detailed information about the wiring set up and the reason for the resistance wire. i just replaced the resistor wire with a normal red wire.  and now it fires up and runs.  It didnt run before be i had taken the resistor wire off the coil and i didnt run a new source of power until i replaced the wire lol. the things you forget when your very excited. 

Looks like you got the ignition wiring right now On the Pertronics
Enjoy having your cool ride back




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