Back in the day I was big into rewiring cars and installing sound systems but with my 64 CDV I have been smart to not chase technology for 24 years and instead just rely on a good sounding boom box. For years I had a Sirius Satellite boom box and it was great with the instant access to all the channels, but I didn't like paying the subscription and I don't have new cars with it already installed.  So I have been relying on my stock am/fm in the Caddy for a while now but finally broke down and bought a boom box. It's not a pricy over the top blow the roof off boom box but at $150, the Phillips boombox plays everything from old school cd's, to Bluetooth, to USB, AUX In music, to am/fm. The Bluetooth was the must have feature so I can play anything and everything from my iPhone.   

The thing is once you start cutting splicing and dicing on these old cars to adapt to 2021 technology, you will probably have to do something different in 2026, 2031 etc.  As long as they still transmisson am/fm I can go back and listen to the original sound, but for my "jams" and everything else I can pump it up thru the boom box. And the kicker, If I am traveling and I can take it out and whereever I want it .. by the pool, at a work site, on the beach, or whatever. This one is going to see most use on the site of my house as I continue with the new dining room addition.  The boom box I bought is just a basic Phillips PX840T which matches my car Gold & Sandalwood color, and has 2 loops to put the rear seat belts through.  You can't beat that! Click Here to check it out on Amazon.

Anyway, my suggestion has always been just throw a boombox on the back set. With Bluetooth and smartphones there really is no reason to cut into your car unless you absolutely want to turn that huge trunk into one helluva boom box! 

ps. The only thing I had to buy in addition to the boom box was a heavy duty 12 volts lighter plug as I am sure it would eat thru those 8 D batteries very fast. Of course I could just wire in a  12 volt DC to 120 volt AC transformer.. but that gets into thinkering with the car. The lighter plug makes good use of the many lighters in the car! LOL

Here are some pics.

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The look and condition of your cars interior is just outstanding 

Love the boom box idea so very much I might be putting it in the back seat of my 64 convert in the near future 

Love the versatility aspect of the box and the 12v power source 

SOUNDS —-like a lot of fun if you get my drift 



Are you a fan of Spotify by chance ?

I have been using Spotify to listen to such an endlessly wide range of music the last few months and find it  a very enjoyable pass time 


For general streaming I use Pandora and IHeart Radio but the bulk of my music comes from my ripped music collection which includes over 4000 albums, 31,000 songs and takes up about 500 GB of data. You might get a kick out of it but 428 of those albums are Elvis Albums, making up 9000 of the songs. We also have some decent radio stations in the Raleigh area. 


I like your way of thinking and in my opinion, the more time goes on, the better a stock interior looks. The only problem I see is now only three people will be able to light their smokes at any one moment. Do you think you'll be able to survive like that?

Yeah Ian. Only three people can light up at the same time. That is really a big problem.  ;-)

But there is one thing that sort of baffles me with smokers. I have never smoked but last year did think that if I wouldn't already had been severely sick with Covid I should start smoking.

Reason? Well there seems to be some stats saying that smokers are less likely to get Covid. Maybe the environment in the smokers lungs doesn't support viruses?

My guess is that lung cancer is a breeze compared to Covid. But I never had any cancer so can't say for sure...

Please pass the cigarette lighter seems to apply here 

Any prior lung damage is not going to help get you past the  Covid -19 flue any easier the way I see it 

The long term effects of the flue on some people’s lives is beyond frightening 

Stay safe 


I didn't say that any prior lung damage would help get past Covid. I said that there are stats indicating that smokers are less likely to get Covid.

I know for a fact that Covid is bad. I got sick in March last year. Among the first. After a week wife called an ambulance and I went to the ER. They didn't want me there. So was sent home without any help. After 3 weeks I was okay again.

However still have lung- and kidney issues. Its harder to breath, coughing when talking or eating. My doctor is afraid I will have to start on some medicines for renal failure. So no, Covid is not a breeze. And of course smoking is bad as well, lung cancer not being high on my wish list. I never smoked but got the lungs damaged from Covid instead.

Btw, was in South Africa (Durban) in the mid 90's. The government introduced a legislation forcing tobacco companies to put warnings on the cigarette packages. According to a friend there had been a story in the local newspaper about a gentlemen whom bought a pack of Camels. When he left the shop he noticed the warning and immediately went back inside again asking for a pack of Camels that wouldn't kill him...

One hell of a music  lovers collection

Thanks for the feed back on the streaming which is a bit new to me but amazing stuff 
My entire family ( grandparents ) were Elvis fans from his appearance on the ED Sullivan show that we all watched sitting  in front of a 13 inch Dumont TV ( one of the first TVs - black and white ) on a Sunday evening but I was listening to his 45 records  6 months before that as my grandfather was then into very  small country music stores that Elvis’s music first became available in 

My Grandfather was ahead of his time on many subjects he enjoyed  very open minded and a exceptional  fisherman 

I was about 15 years old then and changed my hair style to Elvis’s which the girls loved then and changed my popularity big time over night 

Had no idea that he had that many albums and songs as you have indicated above —WOW !

Thanks Again 




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