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I am the proud owner of a '64 sedan deville 4 window. I bought it from a client of mine that started the restore about 10 years ago and never finished it. He turned 95 years old this year and although he is still completely self reliant, he doesn't have it in him to finish the project. I am very excited for the project. My problem is that I am by no means an expert on Cadillacs and the the car is about 90% complete. I feel like I'm trying to put together a puzzle that I don't really know what its exactly supposed to look like at the end and I have some missing pieces as well as duplicate pieces. I have 9 rubbermaid totes full of parts as well as an entire Home Depot style shelf full of parts. I also have an extra restored engine. I have photographed the contents of each tote and labeled accordingly so that when I go to look for a part that I need, I can flip through each bin on my iPad. That will make it easier but I'm still un-nerved when I think about the fact that I don't even know what I don't know about all the parts. I can figure out the obvious ones but man, there's some weird looking parts in some of those bins. I do have a manual but that only shows so much. I want to finish the car to the same caliber that the restore started as. I am hoping that I can reach out to the members here for some guidance and maybe some shared knowledge on how to finish this car and make it right.

I've got a lot of little things to do, but the big ones I'm working on right now are the windows and mirrors on the doors, and the front fenders and grill (headlights too). I need to find new hardware for the fenders. I have the shims. I will just be learning as I go on the alignment if everything with the fenders, hood, and bumper. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Where is the best place to get new hardware for the fenders? I also need to find other hardware for the window tracks, screws for door sill plates, and other misc. hardware.

I'm really happy to have found this site. I think it will be monumental in the successful outcome of my project.

Is there anyone local to San Diego that has restored a 64 sedan? I think if I got a chance to see a completed car it would help a lot.

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Wow!  Beautiful car man!!!  If you have any questions on the parts and get confused, it doesnt hurt to post a picture with a question.  I have done it a few times when my research hasnt been able to pull up anything.  Good luck with that car, its a beauty!  

Eric, I live in Poway. If you have any question please email me at
davedschneider@gmail.com and I will try to help you. I have a 62 that I have been playing with. My son has a 61. A buddy has a 64 convertible that is in storage. Have you been to Cruising Grand in Escondido? This is the last month. I have seen a few 63/64 their.



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