Happy Summer Caddy folks!

I am searching for original looking seat upholstery for my 64 Series 62 coupe. Sure I know you can buy NOS cloth from SMS and have a local shop (this is rural Indiana, what is an upholstery shop?) sew them up and hope they fit OR you can go to USA supply or Kanter and buy a "close but no cigar" cover that fits, looks nice but just isn't original. Does anyone know of another supplier that will make the covers and let yours truly install them in his own garage? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


North Central Indiana

1964 Series 62 Coupe 500/TH400

1961 Biscayne 327/700R4

1964 Corvair Spyder Convertible

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Contact SMS.

SMS had pre made patterns for your headliner. Give them a call and they will make it and ship it to you.  I had one made up for a 64 series 60 Fleetwood.

You have all the correct info, nothing new to add but this work of caution.

I sent my door panels to SMS fabrics with a quoted 3 month turn around.  That was 7 months ago.

Agree with all the comments here. SMS is good but they are slower than a one-legged turtle on tranquilizers. Double or triple whatever time quote they give you and that will set your expectations correctly.

They quoted me "about 10 months" do re-do my 1961 Chevrolet Biscayne door panels 20 months ago.  Sadly, money up front AND they needed my bare top rails from the old door panels.  Been driving around with no door panels for nearly two years now with no completion date in sight.  Their work is exceptional but the wait time is utterly ridiculous as is the full payment up front.

Don't get me started on SMS.  I ordered additional seat fabric for my '48 62-Series from them the first week of May...that was almost 6 months ago.  They keep saying by email that they'll give me an update on the status and never do.  The kicker is that the first time I ordered the same fabric it took 2-3 weeks.

Russ, if I may, how much are they wanting to charge to refinish your door panels?  Is it a convertible, coupe, or sedan?  I'm trying to find someone to do my door panels but finding a good upholstery shop is like trying to find a good body shop it seems...



David, I think the turn around time is having the material on their shelf vs having it made. I ordered trunk material a few months ago and asked the lady if it was in stock and she said yes. I received it in 2 to 3 weeks. I am sure if they had to farm it out to have it produced it would have taken a lot longer. But still... I sell parts and when I receive an order it usually goes out either that day or the next day.. 2 days at the latest! So here we have a large well known company that takes 2 to 3 weeks to get something "on the shelf" to their customer. Even that, to me doesn't make sense.
Also, any decent interior shop should be able to redo your door panels if you have the fabrics and materials. I use Auto Interiors in Raleigh, NC, which has been doing interior work I guess 35 years, and while I believe they are a very good shop, they do not advertise themselves to be a concours quality restoration shop.  Bottom line, if your interior shop cannot sew on some carpet, fabric and bead seams are cut a new back board, you probably want to find a different interior shop. That is pretty basic stuff.

After the restoration shop claimed they could not find a reasonable source and price for leather for the Eldorado, we decided to use Jenkins.  

Hill Jenkins had the material in stock and was able to sew the new interior and door panels for us. It was expensive, and still needed to be installed at the shop, but at least we were able to get the correct color and perforations as original. SMS was contacted a few years back and they had the material for our car, and it might have cost less to have an upholstery shop just do the seats, but the entire interior needed to be gutted, de-moused ( a new word?)  and reassembled.  I hope your project goes easier. 

Ever have any thoughts about going to a --4 speed in the Biscane behind the 327 ?
( t-10 220 frist gear would be the one )
I always enjoyed the control that gives the cars performance
Seems nice to me to have one stick shift car around to enjoy
I do miss my t-10 four speed a lot from time to time
Just seems --any performance car with a four speed just demands so much more dollars and cents -at time of sale
Knowing who you are somehow you most likely would have done that alreadt if it was your intension

It was an all black 62 Super Sport 327 4 speed that i saw a friend of a friend had just bought new --that started my quest to own a 63 409 425 HP Super Sport myself
I was standing on the corner when he powered the car off the stop light to show off to me and my friend standing there
It was a moving life changing moment etched into my minds memory
My very favoite power cars are the Chevy from 62-65 with a four speed trans
The Biscane being a lighter body car makes it a very desirable performance car to put some good power into
The formula is always -----power to weight --ratio !!!!!!


Hi Tony.  I would have loved to put a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission in my car when I dropped the 327 / 700R4 into it as I used to have a '62 Corvette 327/ 4 speed decades ago and loved that combination. The '61 was originally a 6 cylinder powerglide that was literally basic transportation for a preacher, college professor or grandmother.  No offense to any of these folks by the way but when the time came to change over to a new motor/trans combination I went with the most practical for my driving style.

I use the car daily and work in the city so all that gear shifting at 5 am would have been a little much so the trade off was building a '67 Corvette 327 and coupling it to a modern overdrive transmission.  I still get a decent amount of performance in a car that looks totally stock.  Little hubcaps, painted steel wheels, cloth bench seat, etc.  I have always loved the "sleepers" of the early sixties and am really glad to own this one.  She ain't fancy but she's fun and extremely reliable.  Any yes, lighter right now until SMS comes through with those door panels.

Happy Motoring,



The car is lighter with No door panels --HA HA LOL !!!!


I do know of the quality of work that SMS is known for --but
What really is the motivation to complete a job if you are paid --up front for the work
Getting paid when the job is complete is the motivation to complete the work
Something very wrong with the billing approach taken by this company
Three times the wait -just bad business and opening up yourself up to frustration and abuse for your hard earned money
Why do they have to be deceptive with there work completion dates at all
Looks to me like if they told you three times the comletion date from the get go most of there customer would still have them do the job
The key here is they are holding the correct materials for our Cadillacs but they can be purchased there as well to have someone else do the work at a different car interior shop
Finding high quality craftsmen that will do the work in a reasonable turn around time has been noted on here in the past more than a few times
One shop just wanted to keep this guys Cadillac around just so his shop looked busy with a high end car and he even told the cars owner thst --would you believe !
The length of time the car was in that shop was totally out of control




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