Hi Cadillac Members,

My 1964 Coupe DeVille has sprung another issue.  I was able to fix the brake lights by installing the correct fuse 25 Amps not the 15 Amp one which was in there and the brake lights are working normal again!  But now....

The rear (only the rear) interior lights will NOT turn off (this happens when the car isn't running.  I haven't tried it with the car running yet).  I pulled both door switches and checked them and they do work to turn the front interior lights on and off like they should.  I also tested the head light switch and it too will turn the front interior lights on and off when twisted to the left and then rotated to the right the front lights turn off but the rears in the C-pillar remain on.  I know somehow they are getting ground but when the switches (all 3) are working fine the cause is something else.

Do the rear interior lights have their own switch?  If they do where is that switch located and how can I get it turned off?  Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.  I just disconnect the battery now so it will still be driveable.

Thanks for the guidance.


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The switch for the rear interior lights is on the back of the front seat (center arm rest section of the seat). Could have been accidentally switched on.It's a simple on/off slide switch.


I do not know if this applies to a CDV —but my 64  convertible has a  small on - off switch at the  back of the front seat — about the middle of the back of the front seat — near the  top of the back of the front seat  - if sitting in the back seat 

Long ago I wiped down the cars interior only to find the rear lights to be staying on as I hit that switch in the wipe down procedure


Thanks that was it!  A "Homer Moment" since back 45 years ago when I was in that back seat traveling all over the USA I now remembered my sister using that switch so she could read her TEEN magazine!  LOL

I appreciate the help.  Take care.



How many years is your Cadillac in your family ?
Has to be a very long time if if you recall something that happened 45 years ago in the car 


So sorry it has taken me so long to write back to you!

Dad bought the car in June 1965, I was born in November of 1965 so it was the first car I was ever driven in!  It pulled the trailer all over the USA with trips to Canada and Mexico too!  Many great memories but not having any AC in Arizona in 1974 was BRUTAL, 118 degrees in the black beauty!!!

Thanks for your interest and the light was that switch so all is good again!  



Glad you found and remember the light switch for the back seat lighting —on-off




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