Looking for some help on a jetaway transmission. I had to replace the detent spring/roller on my transmission and to do that I had to remove the parking pawl assembly. Well apparently I did not look at it close enough, because I can not figure out how to put it back together. If any one out there has any good pictures of that part of the transmission it would be greatly appreciated.

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The service manual for your year might have what you need as it has a lot of detail info  pictures and rebuild info about the Hydramatic 

I do think someone on the site will be able to be of some help to get you squared away and back together 


Thanks for the link. Much better pictures than what I had.

Where are you?  I have a jetaway sitting in my garage you could look at.  Also, I switched to a 700R4 out of complete frustration with the jetaway.  I had it rebuilt 4 times by 3 different companies and it failed yet again. The 700R4 had a kit, a flywheel, a crossmember, a different starter and a drive shaft mod, but it has a lower first gear (burns rubber and better, smoother takeoff) and a nice O/D gear, is better in every way. Just sayin .....

I'm in Sauk rapids MN. Sounds like a trans swap is the way to go. This is the first time I've ever had any problems with my getaway, but it sounds like a matter of time before it dies.

I would like a little info o. The trans swap as well. My trans just went out and everyone thst can rebuild it wants almost 4k. Lol im trying to upgrade to the th400 for 700r4

I switched to a 700r4 with a speedway kit. The cross member was made by a local shop. The jetaway was 27" long and the 700R4 is 30". The drive shaft needs to be shortened by 3". The linkage also changes.   The 700r4 was a 1984 corvette transmission, it was rebuilt with all the available mods that made sense. It was a good swap. If I were to fo it again, I would not shorten the grave shaft, but get a new one. Also the linkage at the transmission needs to be above the bottom of the pan. Other than these two issues, it is a simple switch.  I should also say, it was not a natural or easy decision for me. I prefer original to mods. I did it because I was totally frustrated by the Jetaway - I rebuilt it 4 times.

The price is where its at. Like its only like 1800 to convert while its 4k for the rebuild. If only i could get financed or make payments. Lol

I understand.  I found the 700r4 in Craigslist for $300.  All I wanted was a core, I had it rebuilt for about a thousand.  The kit was $700 and the install was $500. $2500, but it took a year and I was not going back to another Jetaway rebuild

Has anyone noticed that there seem to be --no issues at all with the Th400 trans for the 11 years i have been on our Cadillac sites
I never see anyone trying to rebuild that trans or discussing the cost of doing that job
Just realizing that thats the case -- is that correct?


They were rock solid transmissions. I blew threw a couple of THM 350's in my street strip 68 Camaro back in the day, but finally installed a THM 400 and you could say "stick a fork in that issue and call it done!"  No longer an issue ... even with a stall converter that allowed me to rev way up at the line and blast off with that much more power.   

700R4 vs TH400

If you are on the Highway the 700R4 has overdrive. That is a major advantage.

If you are laying rubber at stoplights the the TH400 is a stronger transmission



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