The movie is just amazing in capturing a period of time in American society and some car culture at that time
The cast was --so very good --and so very young when the film was made
Harrison Ford in the 55 blk chevy and the yellow Duce coupe racing to be the fastest car around
Ron Howard now the very famous film director as a young man


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Suzanne Somers had a very small but memorable part.  Totally unknown at the time, who would have known she would go on to fame and fortune playing a dizzy blonde on 3's Company?

Richard Dreyfuss got to have all the fun.  He got to see the '58 Impala in Graffiti, a gorgeous '63 Cadillac coupe in "Tin Men" and a really cool '63 Corvair Monza coupe in "Mr. Holland's Opus".

While I am less than thrilled with the way Hollywood actors conduct themselves off duty, they get to have some pretty cool moments when making the pictures.

Susann Summers
The scene with her in the white "T" bird with the porthole window has become Iconic for sure as is the entire movie
I love beautiful blonds and have one of my own being happly married for 43 years
Susann is one very gorgous woman but so much more than that
She is responsible in changing both my wifes and my life to some degree
She introduced us to --bio identical hormones - ( made by a compound pharmacy ) which taken after menopause for women can stabilize the bad effects of aging and it worked for my wife ---big time
They are natural suppliments of estrogen progesterone and testosterone to suppliment the body for what it is now lacking
Sweating at night for years can be one of the symtoms for women that goes away
Her books are very helpful to understand the process
I saw a change in my wife for the better almost over night --15 years ago

She makes an excersize bungie cord designed excersize thing that attaches to the door and allows you to excesize easily at home --and is aways out and not in the way --and available to use always
Being available always is a big part of why it is so practical to use when needed
You may know someone this information can be helpful to as you and your girl are getting older by the day
Keeps the body moving which is so very important thing to be doing
The girl has improved our lives --directly


Tony, on youtube, there was a really good clip about her when they shot American Graffiti.

The guy who owned T-bird, was a pain in the butt, telling her how to drive it, hovering around and being a general pain the butt. Fairly good clip.... well I liked it.

Oh, hey Tony, I sent you a Message the other day, not sure if you got it or not.

Hey Kev
Got the note thanks




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