Its the middle of Summer here and I've been watching the cool snap you guys are getting.

Where are you, and what are the min and max temps you're getting.

I'm still having trouble understanding that Niagara Falls has gone hard, should be Viagra Falls and that around Boston way, sharks are frozen solid.  

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In Southern California it's been in the low 70s F for weeks. I feel a little guilty.

North Central Indiana- average high since Xmas has been 3 degrees F.  Wind chills average around -10 to -30 F. So cold my wife's 2014 CTS would not start Tuesday and we had to take the '64 Cad Coupe to work.  Hey it was either do that or walk five miles each way in the cold.  Matter of fact, I have been driving it all week because there has been great difficulty getting anything else on the lot going.  Lots of stranded motorists along the way, roads made of solid ice and snow that won't melt with more on the way.  Good times!

I do not usually mind the winter but this one is off to a nasty start!

Here in North Carolina, lows in the teens (low of 10 tomorrow night forecast) and highs in the very low 30's for the last week or two. This cold snap is supposed to end Monday and get back into the 30's for lows and 40's and 50's for highs which is more typical for us. 

Hit 6F/-14C degrees here in Raleigh NC today (-1F/-18C not too far from here in a neighboring town), but supposed to warm up into the 50's and 60's starting Monday!

Be nice to have some warmth (sort of) over your way soon.

Turd of a night here, 75 f with 80% humidity at 3:30am,can't sleep.

 Going to be just terrific as i'm on hand mowers for the next 4 days and our forecast is to continue.

Thankfully, they're self propelled.

North Central Florida ( aprox 4-500 miles south of Jason in North Carolina )
Night temps the last 3 nights --32--28--25 ( friday today ) and no sun -- very raw days ( so very much not the norm )
Day temps in high 40's and low 50's ( very bearable but SB 70's )
We SB in the 70's days and will be by Monday --back to 70
That is going to be a sweet recovery coming

My son in NY has been out for the last 2 days --non stop --around the clock doing major snow removal
They are calling his weather -- the Bomb Cyclone --here ( a new weather term as it was like a huricane snow storm )
He has been working in single digget temps
My boy has some strong work ethic ( that came from me and his Grandfather ) and living the big time American Deam for his efforts

First time they saw snowed at the top of Florida in 28 years
We are making History

So now we have --Global Warming -- with one of the very worst cold spells ever recorded
This is more like Global weather Change --more than warming the way i see it
What could be more normal than weather changing ??
We live on a planet spinning in space-- for god sake !


When I hear the phrase "spinning in space" ... I definitely think of you Tony! Just Kidding!!@!@!

We may not be hearing from Clovis in Canada for a while -- ( as in Niagara fall has frozen solid there ) he will have to thaw out before he can speak and use his finger to post Anything
We are going to miss him though ---LOL !!!!



You are reminding --me that the 64 Caddy was the most reliable car we owned when it came to always starting in the cold temps when the other cars were dead in the water
She would always start and run
My Dad owned a factory that employed 40- 60 people depending on how busy he was
These people would be standing out in the NY winter weather at 7 o' clock every morn
We were never late to work with that responsibility
My dad always had 3 cars ( at least ) he could depend on to start and run in the worst possible weather conditions
Often the VW was the car that got him through the snow and to his employees waiting outside the factory
As in the add --where the snow plow drivers use a VW to get --to the plow
We had a VW when there were only the --first 50 in the country
The 64 Caddy would AlWAYS start and really was a great car in snow conditions
The fact that it was so --very reliable in bad weather just made the car more desirable and a long term KEEPER
Gotta love a car --that is so dependable and will keep you so very warm in the worst cold temps that nature can throw your way
One of the very best cars two real car guys ( dad and I ) could ever ask for
That is just more reasons why my 1964 Cadillac convertible is so very special to me my entire life

Yeah my main cars are a '61 Chevy with 327/700R4 trans and good old '66 Corvair but neither one wanted to play nice this week so "Walter" my '64 series 62 coupe got the contract. Supposed to warm into the 20's next week so I should be able to give my other GM rides a chance to shine. Nothing like driving a BIG, HEAVY classic on icy roads though. 


Just as long as you are thinking about me --is All that really matters
Gotta love you --this place and the cars that brought us all together

you guys Have --Good taste in cars -- my friends


Tony all is well (and frozen) here in Canada, this cold snap is going to let up in the next few days they are saying. Our winters here are probably the warmest, next to coastal British Columbia, in Canada. We are parallel to northern California here. The problem with all the new snow, vs lake effect snow, and frozen great lakes is that it will increase lake levels that are already high. We are going to see flooding next summer if this keeps up.



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