Its the middle of Summer here and I've been watching the cool snap you guys are getting.

Where are you, and what are the min and max temps you're getting.

I'm still having trouble understanding that Niagara Falls has gone hard, should be Viagra Falls and that around Boston way, sharks are frozen solid.  

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jUST TO MUCH --SEX--DRUGS --and ROCK and ROLL for one man to handle in a lifetime !!!!
LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad your good


The reason I asked, was that I was talking to the importer of our car yesterday and his in-laws had temps of -20 with a "feels like" of, -40 and I thought, that can't be right. 

Here in Oz, we currently have 24.3 (75 f) and we'll max out today @ 30 (86 f)

In Melbourne, which is waaaay south of us by 2 states, they have a predicted high of 42 (107 f) during a mini heat wave.

A typical winter here, would be a couple of lows from 5 to 9 (41 to 48 f)

The rest of winter, is pretty mild. We did have a record winter last year though, it was the fist time ever, winter fell on a Wednesday. PMSL :-)

Very cool, so to speak, that the 63/64's are still ticking over in the cold.

Im in Delaware and it will be a high of 18 and low of 0 tomm without factoring in wind chills. Could use some aussie warmth right now!

Had a look at the map.... not a lot of protection from winds off the ocean.

Here in Melville NY- about 35 miles east of NYC its 16 degrees F on 1/14/18 at 11:06 pm.

Projected to be in the mid 30s during the week which is more typical for this time of year. Usually we have temperature moderation here on Long Island due to the relatively stable water temperature off shore.

But an arctic cold snap is just what it says.  Fortunately my Cadillac is in the shop have a gut rehab of its interior and all internal systems. Waiting on the upholstery and chrome plating.  No need for me to go into the cold garage and think about what I can't do. 

However, the resto shop lost its main heating unit for a while and paint touch up will have to wait a bit.

Geez Jeff, some lovely homes for sale in your area, but waaay out of reach for this little black duck. LOL :-)

Interesting in what you say about the temps being pretty stable though.

Wednesday 1 -17-18 Inverness Florida

Temp low 36 going to a high of 61 today
We will be going to lows in the mid 20's for the next 3 nights ( which is so very odd and cold for my location )
When we are in the- mid to high 20's the average day temp is 60 degrees and that is easy to live with
Average winter day temps are 60-70 sometimes reaching 75-80

A friend once said to me " This is the least expensive place to live with weather that is this good in the USA ( comparing to California and Hawaii both very expensive )
The down side and up side is it is small town America and a great place to retirer to but little opertunity to find work if that is what you would be needing
Great roads so driving is especially nice ( new and smooth )
Being from NY for 60 years there is really nothing that i do not have available that i miss
We have great Pizza ( boys from NJ ) and great bagles ( boy from Brooklyn) so what could be bad ?
We are in a substancial community ( with horse and cow farms all around us with a lot of undeveloped land all over the place
Major cities just a half hour away --Orlando ( Disney World ) Gainsville ( university ) Ocala ( the horse raising capitol of Florida - the farms are hudge )
Tampabay ( the largest city on the west coast of Florida ) that is one hour away and has all one could ever need
One hell of a beautiful place p
I like that we can visit and go back to the country to be home
The environment and air is so clean when we get down pors that clean the cars
I truely Love and enjoy living here for 13 years so far
A bit of semi tropical Paradise
Our temps do get cold unlike way south in Miami ( which is far away ) but i like that better than hot and humid all the time
We had 3 dear on the front lawn this morning and my two pits bulls go wild when they show up


Kevin, I can report our first decent snow here in North Carolina. It's exactly freezing 32F/0C right now with a low of 16F/-9C projected for tonight  with 3 to 6" of snow. As you can see from 3 of my 7 permeter cam below, I will not be working on Parts Car #48 today, but will be pulling out with Big Brutus in a bit to go have some Fun!!!

ps...Made my front porch camera temporarily public... you can check out some NC Snow with this link

Looks like northern Indiana in May!

A good idea to do some shoveling unless you think it will melt quick
Even a small clear path
It gets real messy on your foot wear moving around and a problem if it should freeze and get damgerous to fall hard
Just a heads up from an OLD New Yorker that was use to 2-3 feet sometimes In the past

Sleigh riding on the right hill with the whole neighbor hood when i was younger was so much FUN




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