Looking for the above part. Ran my engine up and noticed thermostat was jammed closed. Went to take the thermostat housing off and one of the bolt mounting holes cracked completely through.

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You can drill a hole in the broken bolt ,and use an - Easy Out tool - to unscrew the broken bolt out
The drill and tool ,you can get at hardware or auto stores
They work great Heating with a butane torche ,could help

Tony, it sounds like his cylinder head outlet pipe physically broke apart where the thermostat top housing bolts to it. I've seen this before, especially when the bolt is seized to the outlet pipe.  If you have a machine shop good with fabricating metal they may be able to salve the broken section. I've seen my guys at our local shop work wonders, especially with filling in gouged aluminum, but not sure about a section completely broken out. If no one here has one shoot me an email to jasonedge@nc.rr.com and will put you on the Wait List.

I was using the easy out tool when the part cracked. It's a real pain.
Thank you for your reply ,and our wonderful website

I have one. Shoot me an email to;  russ85747@hotmail.com 

Hi Russ,
Thanks for the offer I found one on EBay. Cost me $60 plus the shipping which wasn't too bad. Funny thing is it's off of a same seller who had a complete 4 door for sale for $700 that I lost the bid on.


I would have sold you one cheaper.  Ask in here first, as ebay is not a reasonable source for new parts, It should be your last choice.     

I agree with Russ that you should check here and see what we have, but disagree with the price and comment on eBay in general. To find a 50 year old unique engine part for less than one bill is not that bad. I just paid $900 for an ABS brake control Valve for my 2002 Escalade and it is only 14 years old. Direct from GM it was $1491.22, and that's a piece still around as NOS.

My policy has always been two fold. First I don't like to gouge people, but I am not going to give say a pristine front engine cover away. No I am not going to sell for $500, $750 or more (which you can get as they are crazy hard to find), but the days of selling them for $50 are long gone.  So I adjust up to $125 to $175 in nice condition.

Second, I've been selling parts for 19 years and am in zero hurry to "get a sale" before someone else does. If I have something I often pop in and post that I have it, but often will let them ride to see if someone else has them. I also often share with those on my Wait List regarding others that might have an item, or point to an eBay listing. 

Ebay is what it is. Some times great deals are to be had, some times not, sometimes the prices are absurd.  For example, this past week I saw a NOS complete LH cornering light assembly go for $86! (CLICK HERE to see it) I paid more than that to have mine grill rechromed! I came close to biting on that one but let my prudence and pocket book reign that urge in.

So the point is to do your homework and know exactly what you need. To me $60 is a great price, assuming it is nice condition, regardless of the source. My going price is about $50 to $75 depending on condition, but as my Wait List backs up with customers looking for these, I will be inclined to ask a bit more.

Jasons ,prices are the best possible ,anyplace ,and will be very obvious when you shop around
You get the right part ,simply because he knows every aspect of all the cars in our model years ,unlike the ebay misinformed crap shoot
If they posted the correct info to begin with
Jason ,Is One of the very best authorities on our year cars
All his parts are under roof ,so no damage from the elements
I can see why he does not have any concern about selling parts ,as he has a Gold Mine in a building LOL ! !
His passion for the subject of our cars ,is truly a labor of Love ,and he is a top notch business man as well

Now isn't that PRICELESS ! ,in today world
Do not overlook what Russ has for sale ,as all of the good qualities i have stated about Jason above ,do apply tp Russ as well
Russ is in Arizona and Jason is in North Carolina ,so lcation will influence your purchace ,due to distance and shipping
I had already committed to the one on EBay before I saw Russ's reply. I do use EBay as a last resort. I've been watching a trunk lid on there for a couple of months but ended up buying one from a guy on another Cadillac forum as he had one for a better price and better condition. I'm still searching for a rear bumper.





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