Hello all. I live in South Florida, yesterday I drove down to islandmorada in the Florida Keys and it took me a half a tank of gas to get there. It took me a quarter of a tank to get back.

Any ideas why?

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Gauge out of alignment, or you drove there in headwinds? 

Hey Joe 

Nice picture of you and the lady — looking good !

Best guess  is the fuel gauge is not working as well as it might  as Russ is suggesting 

I would watch it for a bit to see if you see a pattern as to how the gauge is recording based on miles traveled

That should help to understand the gauge a bit more now that you are aware you  feel your current reading is in question 

Taking the Caddy for a spin is a good way to get some fresh air and remove the stuck  home thing a bit 

Enjoy and Be Safe 

I had a solid look at this and it turns out, going there, you were going against the earths natural spinning motion, so in fact, when you slow down, you think you're going 30mph, but really, you are going backwards.

On the way home, you were running with the natural spin of the earth, so when you thought you were going 60mph, you were really going 180 mph.

That's why you used less fuel on the way home and more getting there..... or it could just be a wonky fuel gauge.

No need to thank me..... just send money..... i'm putting the wife through "Hookers R Us" schooling at the moment.

Wow Kev, I hope thats the Hooker headers school the las is going through. Learning how to build an engine is a good skill. 

Stop bogarting the Doobie !

Doobie Doobie Do —-as Frank would say !

Enjoy - the Joint 

Im thinking the numbers have been mixed up. When going down (downhill) less fuel was of course used. Basically you should have been freewheling down not using any fuel at all. That was your mistake.

Still trying to work out why Kevin has not fallen off yet. Could it be glue?

I show 107 miles from your address to Islamorada, FL or 214 full trip.  These old gas gauges often drop faster from Full to 1/2 tank or less, but disregarding "that" discrepancy, if you truly used 3/4 tank of gas you used about 19.5 gallons (0.75 x 26 gallons) to go 214 miles or about 11 mpg.  You might expect better mpg going down US 1 thru the keys on a casual drive, but would expect there was some bumper to bumper getting past Miami and homestead area onto US 1.  Perhaps there was more stop and go on the trip down vs the return trip which would be a huge variable. Heading down to Key West from Lauderdale, Dayton Beach, Miami was as common to me back in the day as traveling to NC beachs. I thought why go to Carolina Beach when I am young and crazy and can go to Key Largo, or better yet Key West. So, driving condition differences to and from could be a huge factory. Also your final overall MPG would be of course off by additional cruising you may have done down in Islamorado, and addition miles. The sure fire way to determine MPG would have been to fill up, note the odometer, then drive your trip & stop for gas, note odometer and see how much it takes to fill the car up and do the math ... the typical way to factor mpg.  New cars do it for you as they calculate everything from trip, to annual to overall mpg, speed, and all the other factors. 



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