A while back  I asked if anyone had ever came  accross a new seat foam kit for our cars and no one had,. I had just started putting my new interior together for my 63 convertible. I never did so I made my own.and here is how I put the rear seat together.

first a bit of back ground info. I live in Canada and I was quoted $5000 to do my interior. I located a guy in Vancouver Washington that had done a lot of these cars and already had the patterns made up he quoted me $1200 US if I shipped him my interior panels and the leather covers off my seats. sounded easy enough as I had done some seat work before. I shipped him my panels less the stainless trim and the seat covers.he sent samples and I picked out the leather I wanted and about 3 months later I had my stuf back and it looked great. due to other commitment the project laid dorment for about 5 years.

I have attached some picture of the panels when I got them back and after I attached the polished trim.

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   Maurice the Lethbridge Swap Meet is Feb 11th 2017 and I just sent out messages

   to possible partners for the drive So I am going to try and make it. I know there are

  several Saskatoon venders who have not missed it  in 25 years so hopefully I can

 work it out.

Very very nice work
Do post all you can on this very interesting subject

Where did you get all the different materials for the inner seat .
Burlap foam hog rings and installation tool wire used ?

the burlap came from a fabric store, the foam came from a place that make replacement cushions for rv's.hog rings and pliers can be bought at most auto parts stores. the mig wire came from our mig welder at work, just don't tell my boss he contributed to my hobby. most places that do auto upholstery will also sell you stuff.


What type of glue did you use ?

Incredible work!

What swap meet is that Maurice? I generally don't travel much.

I used 3m heavy duty trim adhesive in a spray can. the swap meet I refered to is the lethbridge alberta Canada swap meet in early feb. Its one of the first of the year here in Canada. Its in my home town we do get some people from Montana come,.Doug and I tried to meet at it , but he ran into some bad luck and we didn't meet.


Looks fantastic! Always nice to see fine work like this!

I know its been a while.... but do you remember the name of the shop in WA?

 my invoice was from 2005.It was Fryers auto upholstery 712 ne 130th st Vancouver Washington, but I believe he retired several years ago. maybe he sold the business to someone else. Phone # 360-574-8070

Out standing work Maurice! I am going to do my 62 seats soon as well. Where did you get the fabric from? Leather? Thanks Dave (62 driver)

Yep, excellent work you've done there. I wish I had the smarts to be able to do that sort of thing and that well.



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