Long story short, I've replaced brakes etc which don't work! Did everything and finally found out that some of my vacuum lines were disconnected do to cracked ends etc and I've noticed that one vacuum line is missing.

Could any of you owners of 1963 Cdillac with an AC Unit please take and post some photos of the vacuum lines coming out of the firewall and where they're connected to??
Would be great if you could take the air filter out of the carb for the better view!


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Sooooo a little update

First of all, Russ might be right about the booster and its adjustable push rod - I'll have to check it tomorrow when I have a time.

Second of all, I've finally got a hold on of the guy/tech support from the ABS Brakes System. He 'confirmed' that I have a disc-drums proportioning valve which isn't working with the 4 discs set up and he advised me to either getting rid off that valve and connect the lines straight to the MC or to buy the prop valve for disc-disc set up!

What would you guys advise me?
Go without the proportioning valve or OR get a damn prop valve ???

Go without and test drive the car. If the rears lock up before the fronts, then you need the prop valve.

Most people on this site who have done the front disc brakes use the propotionsl valve with that set up
The number of people is limited to some degree
Not many have done the four disc brakes as best i can tell so the advice you are looking for may not be available here

Best to go with what the brake kit manufacturerer recommends or you many have to try your options and let us know the correct direction to take doing all four

Four disc brakes is a very sweet upgrade ( not for everyone ) and will often require you change your rims to sute the brakes

Like to know the direction you take and the solution you find myself


I do like Russ's suggestion a lot and he does have more experience with disc brakes than myself
His suggestion will give you a hands on as to what is actually taking place But you will need to have some kind of a brake peddle to head out to the street to get that done
Russ is one of the --been there done that guys ( an expert on our cars ) on this site

I refer to our group of guys as the Classic Antique Cadillac Angels here to keep all cruising down the road




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