Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone could help me on some issues i'm having with my cadillac here's an general idea on what's going on, first thing first, my cadillac has some electrical problems that needs to be addressed, when the headlights are on the turning signals seem to be off set when the right turning signal is on it flashes normal with no problem but the left one seems to stay on with no flash, when i turn the headlights off both turning signals work somewhat, the left one seems to flash slower than the right, the rear left turning signal does not work but the right one does. it's a hit and miss on the rear lights of the car signals/brake light/tail fin lights i'm guessing its a relay or some chewed wiring that's my guess but i would like to know if it could be something else before i strip the car apart to look for a loose wire, i've noticed that it could be a loose connections were the bulbs are placed in i'm not sure ooor, it could be in the steering column i don't know i'm honestly confused wiring is not my specialty.

A little background story on my cadillac, i bought it two states over in illinois last year it took me over 5 months to finally get a title for it the guy told me all that was wrong with it was it had a small transmission leak that he recently sprung a leak while he was driving it last year i thought what the hell she's worth it, so i put it up on the lift and realized that was a lie turns out the ''small' leak covered the whole transmission, layers of dirt and oil has been piled up from the leak so i figured it was a seal that broke so i ordered the front and rear seal for the transmission hopefully when i get to it it's not something serious but anyway the car had been through alot so i figured if i could restore her to original it would be worth it the car is the most solid cadillac i've seen in a very long time the worst rust spots on the car is the trunk lip were the weather stripping sits, the floor pans are solid the fenders are solid the trunk pans are solid the frame is super solid so no body work needs to be done to it apparently the car has been sitting in a very dry state in the US as far as i know no bondo work has been done to it so lucky me right?.

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If leaking between the engine and trans and is motor oil could be the rear engine crankshaft seal (repairable in the car) or the back of the valve covers dripping


i will clean all the grounds first, then i will figure out where the leaking is coming from then i will go from there but first i will print the ground strap locations Mr Jason Edge provided us with. i kinda figured that the grounds needed a good cleaning but wasn't sure if that would do the trick, thank you! 

On our year cars regarding any electrical issue ALWAY start by cleaning the grounds ( earth -we are international here !! )
You should be amazed as i have been how many electrical systems come back to life just doing that which is always a delight as it is a CHEEP rewarding fix and an indication of the quality material that went into these cars back in the day ( i just love it when i can use that expression LOL!!!

If the car is new to you i would recommend you aquire a Service Manual for your year
The detail and quality of the info in the manual is one of the best i have seen
I promise you will feel more --intermit-- with the car once you read and enjoy the manual


sadly only book i own i was thinking about purchasing another book on it thanks 

hanks for the kind words Tony. I learned out of necessity.  I just don't like electrical work.

Haris, your next purchase should be the 63 shop manual. There is one on ebay right now for 25.00 Located in Canada, so shipping will be a bit more than normal. its still a deal at 40.00

I'm cheating tomorrow,  I have a semi retired auto sparkie within a 100 metres of our house..... so the Fleetwood goes in tomorrow to get a bit of a tidy up and once over... He charges $30.00 an hour, so cheap as chips and does excellent work..... what's really sad is, back when I was a mechanic way back in the 80's, I worked on Rolls Royce, Merecedes, Jags...pretty much all the crap but I was dead set next to useless when it came to electrics. 



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