First I will start by saying, I am a newbie. 

Recently purchased a ´56 HT, which has a 390" from a ´63 in it. 

I have decided to put a new Holley on it, but not 100% sure which one would be the best choice.

I am leaning towards a 600CFM Brawler w. vacuum secondary. Am I completely off or?

And would I need a adaptor plate between carburator and manifold? Does anyone know which one?


Henrik Sonne


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The Carter carb —-came stock on some 63 390 engines from the factory 

It is  a top notch carb still used in race applications today 

Edelbrock makes a  1406 with an electric choke that is a  direct replacement  for the Carter with some upgrades to the Carter  ( bolts on to stock location )  and can be used with everything stock below it on the  390 intake manifold 

The 1406 is 600 CFM 

Edelbrock are the performance people - be sure 

You will need an adapter to use the stock air cleaner or use an aftermarket air cleaner as the Venturi is larger than the Carters

Most use this as a the replacement  for the Carter on this site for its performance and  plug and play quality 

I have the 1406 on my 64 429 convert 

I did have to go two sizes richer on the metering rods and primary jets to get my plugs to burn the correct brown paper bag color myself with the help of the Edelbrock tec’s ( supper helpful people )

On this site 2-3 times a day since 2006 and have only seen two people who tried to adapt the Holley carb to our year engines and not sure how that worked out 

If that is your set plan for some reason I would love you to let us know exactly what that took to get it done 

That should help you know what most other on this site chose to do when replacing there stock carb in 2023 


As a young man I drove my dads powder blue 55 convert ( wht  top ) after high school so I know what owning  your 56  HT is about 

Its about a lot of round shapes and big front bumpers 

Sounds great with the upgraded drive train 

Enjoy every minute of owning that fine Classic in 2023 


Hi Tony and Ginny 429

Thank you very much for your answer.

The only reason I was leaning towards the Holley is that my local motor guru prefers it over the Edelbrock.

I think I will look more into the 1406 before making my final choice.

The mid 50’s Cadillacs were some of the only cars that could exceed 100 MPH in there time as expressed in Chuck Berry’s tune Maybelline
 Always powerful machines in the 50’s and 60’s years 


It turns out is not a Carter, but a Rochester 4 jet, that is currently on the motor. 

I havent been able to find much info on this one. Does not seems to have been on the 390 back in ´63, but does anybody know what year and model it might originate from? 

Rochester was used in 63. This can be found in the Help tab.

You’re probably  better off just cleaning and rebuilding the Rochester.    I got an old used Rochester off eBay, rebuilt it, and now it works great.  


I have to second your thoughts here as that is excellent advice for any 63 Rochester carb due to the TV trans shifting  rod issues involved 

A nice thought that changed my first thoughts on the subject 

Rebuild the Rochester would be my first new thoughts on the right carb for the 63 engine 

Rebuild the Rochester will be best 



The Edelbrock 1406 WB my choice for your 63 390 engine - but do discuss it with the techs by telephone ———they are super helpful 

Edelbrock bought the wrights to the Carter  carb  and made a few improvements to —-make it better 

You will have two locations to plug your vacuum advance into with the Edelbrock ( not the Carter ) that give you two different dist timing curves - one produces  more HP ( advances timing )  than the stock Carter 

I myself do not know which gaskets or spacer are used under the Rochester ( a Carter guy ) but the 1406 will bolt right on to the items below the  stock Carter carb intake  and good to go ( plug and play ) 

My background is in 1/8 mile drag racing in which I held a Super Stock track record  for 4years with a 409 chevy with two 600 CMF carbs ( dual 4 barrels ) so I did develop an affection for there performance 

I think I could disassemble one blind folded

Very happy ——with the 1406 on my 64 429 and getting 15 miles a gallon on a very fine tune which is  about the same as when my 64 was new off the showroom floor 

Hoping that helps make your new carb decision easier 


I do not know of anyone who is using a Holly carb daily on a 63-390 or a 64 429 Cadillac and  has posted that info on this site —-and I would know —-if  that info was   posted any day since 2006 

I live hear 


Very nice, I've been looking at a super cheap 1406 knock off on Amazon as a drop-in replacement good to know the design functions well.

Just fyi, I bought an engine in 2020 from a NC contact that had put a Holley Avenger on  his 1964 Coupe de Ville with the 429 and said it run great! He was doing a full LS swap as he was doing a full-on resto mod and wanted had the engine up for sale and made me a good deal on the engine intake, carb and cool breather you see in pictures below. I sold the engine then later sold the intake and carb. It looked like a sweet setup and again seller said it run really well on the 64 429. I assume it would also run well on a 63 390.

Here are a few pics:



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