Was watching Wheeler Dealers and they worked on an 1963 Sunbeam Alpine.

Took the exhaust manifold to a paint shop where it was blasted, painted with a ceramic silver colored paint and baked in a hot oven. They claimed the heat transfer from the engine exhaust manifold would be reduced by 20% and increase power on the wheels by 6%. As the paint is stopping heat transfer into the engine bay it should be cooler (according to them).

So what you guys think? Is it even possible? I never heard of it and I do not intend to try it on my exhaust manifolds, at least not within a few years. But it would be great if less heat entered the engine compartment.

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Just don't use the Mrs's oven.


I do not see any way having just a cooler engine compartment can add 6% HP to the rear wheels

An old hot rod trick was to remove the inner wheel well covers over the A frame locations
I do have mine removed and no issue with debri getting into the engine compartment


When I read "claims" with unsubstantiated tests like this I usually move the decimal point over one place! LOL so 20% becomes 2% and 6% becomes 0.6%.  How hard is it really to point the IR temp gun at the engine at equal times of warm up and similar condition, or run the engine on a dyno before or after?  If someone makes claims like this and back it up with hard evidence, I am going to pay very close attention, else I am just going to look at for what it is.. .a claim.

wrapping exhaust headers with the material for that --the internal exhaust gases move more quickly thru the pipes due to the increased heat in the exhaust manifold while keeping the engine compartment cooler
Two positive features
The paint holding in the heat should have The same effect as wraping a set of performance headers to some degree


I like Wheeler Dealers, its a nice tv-show and usually the cars come out great. Especially like to watch when Edd China is fixing stuff, often I learn something or get an idea how stuff can be done in a cheaper or more efficient way. And its about the cars and not some fake fight between employees like other car tv-shows. Usually I change tv-channel when Mike is selling the car as that part is just way to boring.

However this part of the tv-program baffled me. They did not provide any evidence or showing some "before and after" test. A dyno was not present. Edd China did a lot of other modifications on the engine and these would of course improve performance.

I was surprised of the claims made in the program. However the exhaust manifold did come out nice with the blasting and the paint. Its the "baked ceramic paint" that got me wondering. If the ceramic paint would be on the inside of the manifold I could understand it. But not on the outside. However if the claim is correct, it surely would help old cars prone to vapor locks or at least cooling down the engine bay.



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