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I'm working on restoring a 63 fleetwood I picked up with a fairly straight unrusty body but no engine/ transmission. Bought a 63 coupe in running condition but completely rusted through roof and trunk. Getting ready to pull the engine and tranny hopefully this week to start doing a rebuild on it before installing in the sedan. any advise? I psyched myself out about getting beneath these cars without one of them falling on me and crushing me, but I've been experimenting with some jack stands I bought and feel a little more comfortable. Would appreciate any advice on the safest way to go about doing this. One of the methods I read somewhere is taking the tires off of the front of the car and stacking them below it to act as a buffer in case the car comes falling own. 

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Hi Cameron. Good to hear from you. You can remove the engine and tranny together from above with hood off the 63 Coupe parts car for better clearance. You will still need to disconnect and drain from the bottom. I use two jackstands at front of frame one to left and one to right with room to run a floor jack between and lift at that wide center frame section below engine.  I will of course have jackstand on solid flat surface and will drop the car onto the jack stand making sure they are securely cradled in jack stand supports. I leave the jack firmly in place providing support if anything did happen with the jack stands. You can also jack up and install short jack stands along the side frame rails.   You will of course want to make sure your cherry picker or hoist is  securely mounted tot he engine. If removing with the trans attached you will want to mount a bit rear ward to better balance the weight distribution since you would have the transmission attached. You can of course remove the shop manual way by removing the engine 1st from above, then the transmission from below, but since they both need to come out and it is a parts car, I would pop the hood off, drain fluids, disconnect from the bottom, and lift both engine and transmission out.

thanks for the feedback. Planning on pulling the engine with the transmission attached. I just need to get beneath the car to detach. I hadn't originally planned on taking off the hood but it makes sense to get more clearance. 

Several things to consider first, to remove the complete drive train you will have to remove the radiator and air conditioning condenser as the assembly is pretty long. It may come out without that removal but if something does go wrong (and it always will) anything that gets damaged Will be expensive to replace. Better to lift the engine out then remove trans from the bottom. The up side is if the donner car is rotten, a torch can help to get any stuff in the way out of the way. In addition the total weight is less if done in two stages. 




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