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The alternator in my '63 is on its last legs and it's time to get a new one.  Some of the ones recommended for '63 Cadillac are 55 amps, others are 61.  I have no idea what's in the car now but since the car has power everything, would a 61 amp alternator be the way to go? 


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Go with the 61 amp ,i did and all is good
I think stock WB 50 or 55 amps ,but no problem with a little more
The guys with the air suspension mod ,use a 125 amp ,very often

If anyone could explain the effects of more amps to the charging system ,i would love to know , what the change to more amps ,really means ,and it effect on the system and battery , overall

Thanks for the response!  I was wondering the same thing about the extra amps, I guess if the volts remain in the normal range it shouldn't overcharge the battery--but I'm no expert.


Extra amps is never a bad thing. The alternator only draws what it needs so having excessive amps "in the bank" is never a bad thing. This way you have additional amps in reserve should they be required. Excessive voltage is a problem. Excessive amps is never a bad thing.


Thanks Greg, that is very good and helpful to know!  I've checked the old alternator and it is only 52 amps, 3 below the minimum recommended for the car.  That helps explain why sometimes I didn't have enough juice to make the power windows & seat work.

Thank you Greg ,for answering my additional amps question

Here's the run-down on factory Specs:
1963 non-AC equipped 42 amps
1963 AC equipped        52 amps
1964 non-AC equipped 42 amps
1964 AC equipped        55 amps

Here's the low-down on replacement and rebuild alternators
- Looking at the amperage stamped on a rebuilt alternator, especially from the big box stores is meaningless. They often use original casings with new higher amperage guts (e.g. different stator) to provide a higher than stock amperage. For example. I have sold those AutoZone Duralast 7122 alternators for 15+ years that were rated 60 amps with casings stamped 42, 52, and 55 amps! 

- unless you have added additional equipment (e.g. lights, sound system, etc) that pulls additional current, anything rated at 55 amps or more should be fine.



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