Friday night I stepped out of work over at the Courthouse in Somerville NJ and as usual it is Classics on Main. Most Friday nights there really are not any cars that spike my interest however on this night I spotted a beautifully restored 1963 Sedan DeVille owned by a gentleman named Paul. We struck up a conversation and not long after that we began talking about the wealth of knowledge this website provides to us. Knowledge and also spare parts our cars need. I have had Flo for 5 years and counting and have not really met to many Sedan DeVille owners and especially owners that are willing to discuss the intricate of their car and provide a full tour. Just reignites my passion for getting back to restoring the car and not just collecting parts.

Thank you Paul

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Way to go, Matthew. A little motivation goes a long way! I echo the comments on the value of this site and the people on it. It's priceless.

I live in Woodbridge, NJ -- about a half-hour away from Somerville -- and have a 1963 Fleetwood. If ever you need help, reference, etc., let me know...maybe we can get together sometime. Feel free to email me at

Back where parents live there is a restaurant called the Chatterbox, it is like an old 50s drive in and they do Saturday night cruise nights. There was this gorgeous 63 Coupe DeVille fully restored and if you tried to talk to the owner he was just so nasty. So now when I spot another 63 or even a 64 I am hesitant on talking to the owner about their car.

Right now I currently work in Somerville but I live out near Flemington and every other Saturday is the town cruise night. Took Flo there a few times but I am the only 1963 Cadillac so it is real treat to see another.

Matt, Thanks for sharing the positive story about Paul with the 63 Sedan DeVille and the good word about our website!   Regarding the CDV owner, there are always a few out there with a chip on their shoulders.  I've been to 3 Grand Nationals in a row and always reach out to anyone with a 63 or 64 that are not in our chapter, and there are one or two that completely blew me off and made it clear they had no interest in our chapter, our website or even a casual conversation regarding these Cadillacs. It sort of amazes me that anyone would have that attitude toward me or our group when we provide a free website and chapter and welcome everyone.  What I don't do is let the very fickle few like that bother me, when I know most of us love sharing our passion for our 1963 and 1964 Cadillacs.  I've had some great times at the Grand National's with our growing Chapter Family, and of course we are just a click away from our website where we can all connect and share our stories, projects, and tech tips. Please continue to reach out to any 63 or 64 Cadillac owners, and don't let the one bad experience influence  you.

Shoot, whenever I take the gal to a car show, I love it when folks want to talk about cadillacs.  Seems the ol gals are not the crowd fav's, and when I get an audience, I never turn them away.

My car is what you can classify as a "survivor" with a MAACO paint job. Meaning a lot of stuff was well hidden when I bought Flo and subsequently many of the flaws are showing. Various parts of the car are missing and of the wiring has been hacked by previous owners. The guy I bought the car from wanted to make it a low rider and well he stood back and looked at a four door behemoth and decided not too.  

So to see that one and also when I saw Jason's car back in July it really just got me thinking about how awesome it would be to restore her and patch the holes.

The funny part is that my wife insisted that the car be used at my wedding in May and we have some really nice shots of both the car and us. Like I told Paul the car is the reason of how my wife and I met nearly 5 years ago. I need to post a few of those pictures from the wedding because many would find them entertaining. I have to say it was impressive that the car only broke down once on its nearly 1000 mile journey around New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania. They do not build cars like this anymore.

We have some great stories here from (from any of you) and definitely something to include in a future newsletter, so be thinking about an article with pictures.

ps. Love that last picture of the 63 with tail and fin lights.



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