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Holding my breath

How are you coming along with the engine fire up ?

Hope it’s running and you are busy driving around the block 


Well, i was unable to post for some reason frpm any phone or computer. Any, we turned it over a few times and found out i wasnt getting fuel to bowl therefore not to carb or engine. So i checked fuel pump and figured somehow i must hv snapped the inlet tube when pulling out engine, so there was no abikity for the pump to pull the fuel in. I cked w Russ. Who said that its supposed to be phyically connected. I found a pump two hours away, so had to drive up to get it today, got it installed. Mosquitos started tearing me up so i am going to hook up fuel line tomoro and give it another go.

Thanks for checking,

Got the fuel pump changed, tried to start,  fuel going to filter bowl and is full.  Put some gas in carb, several times,   getba puff now and then, but iveral, not getting a spark to fire it off.  Checkwd my plug connections, distri connectiins.  Coik connectiin.  I hv the petronix and am poisive those are correct.  Attached picture of coil.  Is tgerecany othr wire that goes here?  I hv a yellow wire from firewall, the red petronix, and the little black wire from on top of tge coil at positive,   a blk wire from petronix on the negative.

Were else shouod i look for?

so what is that green wire on the coil negative?  is it the condenser?  

Tachomter to monitor rpm at start up.  

try a timing light.  that will immediately tell you if it's firing near the right time.  you need to time it anyhow once it starts

Can you time it before it gets going or is there enough spin for the light to pick up before it starts?

you can time it without it running, so long as the battery is cranking it relatively well.   speed doesn't create the spark, grounding the voltage to the coil does, and that happens equally well at 10 rpm, better in fact.  

So jist hook up like always and shoot lite at timing mark?  With some ome turning the enhigine over?

you may not see the tdc line when you try it, if you are far off.  try moving the distributor to see if it comes into view.   if it doesn't, then try hooking the pickup to the wires adjacent to #1 so you can seee if the spark is early or late.  
i don't know the 63 order off the top of my head, but on a 64-67 motor, those would be #'s 8 and 3, maybe it's the same.  
if #8 is close to the line when you crank it, you'd move the rotor pointer back one, and if #3 is close, you'd move the pointer forward one.   Of course, if the 63 f.o. isn't 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3, then you would substitute whichever cylinders are second and last for the test but i think it is.

Will gv it a try tomoro.  Battery on charger for tomoro



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