I am going to redo the suspension in my 63CDV and was wondering if somebody would have for sale some extra new parts like ball joints and stuff...
Let me know.


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I bought a complete set from Kanter. Including new springs and shocks. The shocks was stupidly designed as the threading was to short on upper rear shocks, but after har labor when fitting it all was great. Also have replaced rear bushings and ball joint. Its worth buying the new stuff.

Suggest you wait for Russ new control arm. I think I would go that route if the price is acceptable. Do remember that the cost of replacing the rear lower control arm bushings is at least 150 USD.

The rear bushings are at 80 each x4    The cost of the new control arms are looking to be in the 375 range.

175 USD for a set (4 bushings) and can be found cheaper on Ebay

260 USD for used trailing (control) arm

375 USD for a new control arm with better bushings sounds reasonable. 650 USD for a set of 2? Not that anybody will buy one...

I noticed that the bushings were reproductions.  If original MOOG parts could be found, it would probably give the same ride quality as the new control arms. 

The point of the whole endeavor is that the reproduction bushings are junk and do not last even a few years. 

Urethane is a proven performer and will last a very long time.


It would make sence to me to install the urethane bushings in the stock trailing arms of the car to me
It appears the bushings are mostly responsible for the change in the rear ends twisting motion in the video
The stock arms look very structurally sound to me being boxed as they are
So that would be $320 in bushings for two arms if i have that right
The stock replacement bushings being in the $150 to $175 range
Just my 2 cents

Do you find the ride noticably stiffer in the rear for any reason ?
Altering the stock ride is something i am very skeptical about doing as it is one of the pleasures of owning these year cars ( a cloud 9 kind of ride )
love to know your description of any change you feel after using the car for a while with the new arms


Tony, the stock bushings are encased in a metal sleeve, that gets pressed into the control arms.

There is a way to put custom made bushings into the stock arms.   The old bushing needs to be pressed out. Then the rubber is burned out of the shell. Custom bushings are machined to fit into the shell, and a sleeve is made for the bolt to pass through.

That is a slow and not very efficient process. A customer would need to send in his old bushings and wait for the new modified bushings to return.

It is quicker and easier to just bolt up a new set of control arms.

As far as structural integrity, a box is stronger than a U shape. The stock control arms are U shaped.

The ride is not rear end bouncy anymore. I still have the Cadillac ride, but now it is much better. The movement came from the bushing having movement, causing the axle to rotate, affecting the shock and springs.

This is absolutely one of the best mods I have done to the car. Disk brakes, AC, and the rear control arm mod.

If the purist wants the original look, then getting custom bushings made is the way to go.  I wont offer that service, so a trip to a local machine/fab shop would be in order.


The rubber reproduction bushings not being up to par is a serious issue so i hear you loud and clear
They don't make things like they use to applies here
I missed the point of replacing the inferior reproduction rubber bushings now available with a better product than that which is availabe
So very glad for the guys like you who always make this place a better one with there ideas


Hi Mack, I realize this post is old but let me know if you still need front suspension parts.  I have a set of PST (Performance Suspension Technology) ball joints and bushings - complete set for the front end.



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