I am finishing up the rebuild of my engine and decided to have a friend look at and potentially "refresh" or rebuild my transmission while it is out of the car.  Unfortunately I found a really bad "patch job" done by the PO next to the dipstick housing as it enters the trans. Don't know how bad it is until I clean it up. 

Anyway I wanted to know if anyone could give me any input on my trans based on the attached pictures, Pilates, numbers, etc.  See the attached pics.

Can anyone recommend where I could buy a refresh / rebuild kit?

Anything special or unique that we should know about refreshing / rebuilding these?  My friend has been doing thransmissions for about 10 years but I want to make sure we don't miss anything.

Finally, is there any difference between a 63 or 64 turbo trans?  How about the non-turbo 63 and non-turbo 64 trans?  Are the coupe and couple de vile trans interchangeable?

Any advice and input  would be greatly appreciated.


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Bad repair 

Per the 1964 Cadillac Shop Manual, page 10-1, this is the standard 1964 Hydra-Matic transmission that came in 1964 Series 62 Body Styles including the Series 62 Coupe, Series 62 Sedan 4 Window and Series 62 Sedan 6 Window.  Series 75 and Commercial Chassis used a similar but Heavy Duty Hydramatic that would have had a Serial # starting with CA instead of C on a red plate. 
All other 1964 body styles used the new for 1964 Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission which had a blue ID plate, and was considerably lighter, shorter, and had a smooth case.
All 1963 body styles used the Hydramatic transmission like the one in your picture, but the ID plate would of course be for 1963, and is interchangeable with the 1964.
From there, for more details on swapping transmission, interchangeability, history of transmissions used, etc., I would check out the - Engine and Transmission Facts - differences from 62 to 63 to 64 to 65 Help Page.
Places like Fatsco.com and other big name online suppliers should have he rebuild kits for the Hydramatic transmission.  



Trans 1

If the turbo  400  trans is in the car you have a “P” on the far left of the shift lever 

if not it is a hydramatic 

turbo is 3 speed and Hydramatic is 4 speed 

the trans are —not interchangeable —due to the fact that they have different crankshaft ends that are different sizes that hook into the trans flywheel 

the 64 turbo  400 trans uses a spacer to mount the trans to the engine 

best bet is to go with the  type trans that is behind the engine you are rebuilding due to the engines crankshaft size you are currently working with 

When the wrong trans is used behind —the wrong engine crankshaft -flywheels Will be damaged and cause a serious problem to stay moving 

The Coupe De Ville trans in 64 is the turbo 400 as is the Eldorado 

many other models have the hydramatic in 64 and all in 63 


Buy a shop manual. You will find the answers there. 

There is also recommended parts suppliers in the upper left corner on this site. 

Hi Jason. Luckily your Jetaway transmission was the same used in Cadillac, Oldsmobile and other GM cars from late '50s through the early 60's and parts are readily available.  The '64 Turbo Hydramatic was only used for one year until the more common TH 400 came into play in '65 and ran through several versions through the mid '80s.  Luckily, there are holes drilled and tapped in a '64 X frame to mount either type of shift linkage but you have to get the correct parts from a '64 to do this as other year linkages will not make it if you want replace your trans with the Turbo Hydramatic. 

You can install a newer transmission to your engine if you want by using a Wilcap adapter.  These are readily available used on Ebay or through Speedway Motors in Nebraska. This will allow the use of a more modern TH 400, 700R4 or 200-4R which may be cheaper to purchase than having yours rebuilt unless you are doing it yourself. Watch the tailshaft length on the TH-400 if you go that route as there are at least three different length shafts. 

There are a few special tools you will need if you plan to rebuild it yourself though as keeping everything aligned on the main shaft before final assembly requires a special locking collar. (see shop manual)  The shop manual is great for walking you through the process step by step but please read it BEFORE you tackle the job if this is a new process for you as the Jetaways can be tricky and are nothing like a new transmission due to having a multi piece torus rather than a torque converter. There are LOTS of seals that have to be 100 percent correctly aligned or you will have leak down and shifting problems. I do not doubt your ability but am trying to be honest with you in case this is your first Jetaway rebuild. My buddy owns a transmission shop and will not work on them if that tells you anything so if you are going to tackle it, please do yourself a favor and ask questions at the prospective shop. 

I have rebuilt several Jetaways and have also converted cars to modern overdrive transmissions or tried and true TH 400s that will run like a thoroughbred so please feel free to use me or anyone else on this awesome website for assistance.

Best of luck!

thank you for the relies and great information.

As far as the Trans rebuild I know my limitations and that is one of them.   Seeing that I have it out of that car I figured I should have it  gone through as well.

Michael, any chance  you are in the New England, NJ, NY area?  Seeing that you have done these before I Would love to send the Trans to you and pay you to go through it for me...that is within my abilities...ha.  Seriously, how far away are you and is this something you would consider doing?

Indiana. You can check his profile or other members here to see their location.

Hi Jason,

I am in Indiana and wish I knew of you back in June as I sent two really nice low mileage Jetaway transmissions to the U.K. for basically the cost of shipping as I was cleaning out a storage building and they were not needed.  My wife and I have greatly downsized so I have very few Cadillac spare parts left and none to sell.

There are guys in your area that can definitely assist you.  Please check out the Cadillac LaSalle Club online and look at the contact listing or chapters in the Northeast.  This is a really good club for networking, finding parts, attending functions and overall fun.  

While I have removed the Jetaway from my '64 and currently run a mid '80s TH-400 in it, I still have the mighty Jetaway in my '57 Cadillac coupe used in my profile shot and think they are great transmissions. 

Once again, best of luck.  Let us know how else we can help you keep the "ole gal" going.



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