Trivia Question 16 - Standard Item You could Delete for Reduced Cost?

OK. Here's a new trivia. There is at least one main standard (non-option) item that one could "delete" on a new 1963 or 1964 Cadillac for a reduced cost.  What is it?  For extra cigars, what is the stipulation regarding this special delete item?

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as I was researching Chris beat me to it but my guess is heater also

Kurt, That was also a correct guess, but Chris beat you to the cigar. You will have to settle for one of those vapor smokes and having your fine Cadillac grace our newsletter cover this month!

Friggin HEATER......

My car came from California. No bastard in Southern California knows what a heater is.

Even here in Australia, i'm in the tropics. A FRIGGIN HEATER.

Not fair prickly pear, how about a GOOD TRIVIA question.

FRIGGIN HEATER..... Jason, are you on drugs?

Oh Father, the shame of it all.

Relax Kev, I'm sure a Fleetwood buyer wouldn't bother thinking of any equipment to delete. You were screwed on this question, Better luck with the next one : )

I don't mind the getting screwed bit, but he could buy me a drink first and while we're at it, a bit of love lube wouldn't go astray either. :-) LOL

Kevin, Better get the lube ready... I got a real easy one for ya over there on Trivia # 17!!!

Jason, thinking about this, I guess they had a control panel that only had left & right vents, correct? It would be interesting to actually find a car that was ordered that way. 

Kurt, Not sure if  you would still have venting with a no-heat car? My thought for a no heat car would be no venting, blank plate in dash, kick panels would be solid like on an AC car, plate on the blower motor air inlet area on firewall. Of course dash would be like a no-AC car with no holes for AC ducts. 


I guess getting all hot and bothered over a —Heater —does make some sense  LOL !

Dirty  Rackerfrats !!  ——-Wrong Again !!! 




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