Anybody know what I need to do to make my trunk stay open. I got this car a few years back and it’s always been like this. I’m trying to everything in working order.

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Hello, As far as I know there are 2 trunk hinge tension rods that hold that open. They are made of spring steel. They have bends to assist opening and hold. Maybe yours are broken or wore out. I'm sure someone has a pair on this site for sale. I  have a pair if interested I can look for them. Also maybe they came out of the area where they are mounted at.

That is one heavy trunk lid
Sure you will be glad to correct that issue soon
Sure the answer will be along shortly


Trunk rods are different for different models. Be sure to get the correct trunk rod set.

Look in your 1963 Cadillac Shop Manual Illustration Fig 16-78 on Page 16-69, then Rear Compartment Torque Rod Adjustment on the next page 16-70 section 80. Rear Compartment Torque Rod Adjustment.

Note that you have 3 positions to adjust the torque rods. The lowest position 1 gives least upward force and the highest position 3 gives most upward force.

If torque rods are in the lower positions move up a notch and try the trunk lid. If all ready at the top #3 position torque rods are probably weak and worn out.

I have a good stock spanning most if not all body styles for $25 each or $45 for a pair of you need them. If you end up needing any email me at

Here is the illustration you will find in the shop manual:

Thank you! I will check it out and respond one way or the other.

Jason, I have this same issue, so thanks for the info.

Can anyone confirm how hard it is to shift the torque rod's position (I need to move from position 2 to 3 in the diagram)? Is it the spring-action loose enough that one can just move it with some muscle force? Do I need to worry much about getting it out of one position and not being able to get it back into another? Are there any tips for making the adjustment? Do the rods need to be in the same potion on each side?

It's easy, if you're prepared for it.  You can't move them with your hands, but if you get about a ten inch long piece of pipe, like 1/2 inch black pipe, or my personal favorite, the handle to a bottle jack, then you can slip it on the end of the torque rod and it's easy.  
You just need to lift up and flex the rod end inward until it's clear of the groove, then pull down slightly and let the tension of the rod slide it right into its new home.  Not at all hard.    Generally, i'd say they should be even, but I don't know that I haven't seen them in different positions on some of my cars I've had through the years.  I really never look.  If you move one and the trunk is even and closes without twisting, then I guess you'd be ok.   

Similar to what Mark advised, I use a 12 inch or longer 1/2" extension bar with 7/16" deep socket as seen below, to give me the leverage to remove or adjust the torque rods when parting a car or adjusting a trunk lid. I like the 7/16" deep socket as it gives a nice tight fit and the 1/2" extension bar is easy to grip. 

As far as adjusting the torque rods to same position, this is what the shop manual says: "NOTE: It is not necessary to adjust the left and right hand torque rods at the same time or to the same final position (notch)."



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