Hi. Does anyone know the correct screws to attach the wheel arch moldings on the front and back of the 1964 Fleetwood Eldorado convertible?

My car arrived ( 12 years ago) with the parts removed and bags full of screws taped to them, that fell off over the years.

 I think they were originally a hex head sheet metal screw and a flat speed-nut fastener on the inside of the body. But not sure.

This is a not too good picture from a possibly original car - (the Charles Bronson Eldorado that was advertised a while back).

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes to all for a happy 2018!

Jeff Kinzler

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My rear wheel moldings were also removed and even worse, thrown away!  I found a set from a parted eldo in virginia, with rusted bits of the original quarter panel still clinging to them, but unfortunately the screws are so rusted as to be unrecognizable.  In my experience with other wheel well garnishes, GM always used self tapping philips screws with sealer pre-applied.  They would have no need for a speed nut, unless the hole was enlarged.  


Thanks for your reply. Cadillac didn't alsays follow the standard GM practice as they had their own plant and generally higher standards for several things including heavier gauge sheet metal. 

My recollection is of small plastic bags taped to the moldings eit small hex head sheet metal screws and speed nuts. 

The bags were very weak and the screws would up in a yogurt container and 12 years have gone by. From looking at photos I see what look like hex head screws. And I saw this st the '14 GN but the hex screws also had a Phillips slot as well. 

Found it. Thanks to pics of a RF fender for sale on ebay Its a hex head sheet metal screw. Although you cant see the other side of the flange, I would expect it to screw into the flat speed nut to spare threading into the fender steel and potential rust formation. Look:

Here is the link to the ebay listing in case anyone needs it:


Still looking for a picture of the sheet metal speed nut on the other side of the flange, though.


Jeff Kinzler

Yes, the front fender lip molding uses 5/16” hex head metal screws, that screw into rectangular speed nuts. The screw would be 5/16” hex head with #10 shank, usually 1/2” to 5/8” long, and the speed nuts would be the same flat rectangular type used behind the top of fender crown trim that runs next to the hood. But of course that trim used a flattened pan head type metal screw. These 5/16” hex head screws are very common and can buy almost anywhere and have seen and bought the flat speed nuts from Ace Hardware and am pretty sure I have seen them in the Bolts and Fasteners bins at Home Depot and Lowes. If getting to one of these stores is not convenience I can put together an nice used set of these fasteners. I also have hundreds of 5/16" hex head metal screws, many like new, and can get those together. When I went back with my side trim on my 64 CDV, which also uses 5/16" hex head metal screws with speed nuts to attach the front of the side trim through those special T Molding clips, I used 5/8" long hex head screws. If memory serves those Fleetwoods used 1/2" long screws which will barely reach and you have plenty of room up over the fender lip to use a 5/8" or 3/4" metal screw into the flat speed nut.  I have inserted a picture of the fender hex head screw and speed nut at bottom.
Also, as noted in my email, most of my lower rocker, lower door, lower fender and lower rear qtr trim has been sold with the trim off the 3 Fleetwoods I have parted, but did find the fasteners rear of wheel well opening fasteners and while the trim is slightly different between the 63-6039 and 64-6039 I believe these unique fasteners will be the same and would sell a few if you or anyone else needs them.

Here is another view of the trim on a 64 Fleetwood I parted.

Thank you for your very helpful reply.

Two questions:

1- could you confirm that the unique to 1964 rear wheel arch mouldings attach the same way?

2. As to available parts are you referring to the flat metal "S" shaped clips that screw into the lower body to hold the upper edge of the large stainless moldings?


1. I have never parted a 64 Eldo.. only a 63 Eldo way back which had the fender skirt and of course the 3 Fleetwoods also had fender skirts so no rear wheel arch molding fasteners.

2. I am referring to the very rear lower qtr panel trim behind the wheel that fits behind the slots on top part of the trim. They have a stud and flange head nut that secures from inside. Below is a picture of the trim..  The lower rear qtr is different 63 to 64 but believe the fasteners would be the same.   I can post a picture of the fastener if that helps

Thanks, it would be helpful to see it. If it's the fastener part I think it is I recall that mine were very deteriorated when I got the car with most but not all of the trim off. 

As seen below, there are 4 of the studded fasteners along the top, and 5 short regular metal screws along the bottom, and one on the end of the rear qtr lower body trim on the 64 Fleetwood.

Hmm, this is good to know, since all of my stainless was removed by its previous owner and awaits my getting off my lazy ass.  Cadillac abandoned these fasteners by 65, in favor of chrome self tappers with smaller heads.  The trim became sleeker on the following models, so I think it was the right move;  those screws on a 66 would look "clunky"  since there's no lip on the molding to hide them.  
This thread has at least inspired me to look at my moldings, and to my surprise, the rear well moldings are aluminum rather than stainless.  I even had to try them on for fit to be sure there wasn't a mix up.  I wonder if Cadillac used any measures to prevent galvanic corrosion on them?  I'll be using zinc, but i'm curious if the factory had something there, or the anodizing did the trick.

I am really hoping to find a rear passenger side wheel molding and welcome any recommendations. Thank you 

I would check eBay, DBaer, Caddy Daddy. These are not plentiful but I have seen them occasionally on eBay.



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