Ok, I’ve been on here for almost a decade. I KNOW we covet our cars and have always tried selling them at premium prices. But the bottom line, our cars rarely fetched prices over a covair. The deville ain’t a GTO, Coronet 500, GTX, 442…. So I thought? The other day I was checking listings, and these cars are pushing $30k. I know we could always find the”right buyer”, but I’m talking real liquid cash value. Is it our time? Or is it because the aforementioned classics are now fetching $60k?? Anyway, I’m asking because it’s time to either fork over the $10k to get it painted… or trade up to something that would warrant the hassle. Thoughts?

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Are the cars actually fetching these high prices? It would be nice to see the actual sold price on these vehicles. There are actually a lot of variables to consider from the seller and buyer such as motivation or desperation on the part of the seller. How enamored with the vehicle the buyer is or how hard a negotiator he may be. 


The 64 CDV that you are showing has a very nice shine to its paint so why are you considering  to spend 10k  to have the car repainted ?

Little chance you will recover that kind of investment in your ride at time of sale—  if that is your concern about that kind of an investment in that car 

The dollars you choose to spend on a given Antique car of your choice is all about your own personal satisfaction with the direction you desire to take your ride —and  mostly the FUN  you have while driving and using it 

Every car type offers a different driving experience and that is the number one reason to be owning a given Antique collector car 

I spent all my money on women alcohol drugs  Antigue cars ( motorcycles ) —— and wasted the rest— applies here 

Doing your bucket list things would have a big influence on completing the dreams in your own mind which this could be one of 

Having owned cars that were  cosmetically  perfect and being concerned  every time you have to park the car in a public place   ( it’s a jungle out there )  that something might happen to the car  is the down side of owning that perfect paint job on an outstanding machine 

I have evolved over time and  with some damage to my cars —to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with less than  a cosmetically perfect car  making owning a given car——- a more relaxed state of mind for me which is a joy of its own 

I do happen to Love the color of your CDV as it is my favorite 64 color and the same one as  my 64 convert that was  bought new off the showroom floor and maintained consistently over the years for sheer love of that car

The two Cadillac years this site represents are my own favorite cars of all time for all the boxes they check regarding what a car should  offer and do for the drivers enjoyment 

These Cadillacs  when new —were about twice the price —-of the other cars you listed above which still makes our Cadillacs a really good value in the  used Collector Antique Cadillac market we have today 

Really Just my two cents because you asked 


Thanks Tony… I always look forward to your two cents worth!

I agree with you in that the 6364 caddy’s represent the best value in the collector car market. However it seems like some classic cars have been going up and up and up for the last few years. For example if you had a 65 Belvedere, you could give it a paint job and throw a big block in it and ask for $60k. 

I guess part of my problem is once upon a time I had a 1975 280 Z that I dumped a bunch of money into on a full restoration and the thing when up like 5 bucks in value haha. I just don’t want to hit bad times and have to sell my caddy and get lowballed again like the 280.

As for the paint it still looks pretty good, but the job was done probably somewhere in the 90s. It’s got its share of scratches, and also none of the jambs were done. the major concern is the rust coming through on the doors

I salivate over the show cars and their shiny perfect paint jobs, but you know maybe it’s best left for guys who have all the money. And you are right, I’ve got rakes that fall over, kids that start crawling all over the trunk as soon as I open the garage, and I wack it all the time with boxes, tools, keys etc. but I’ve got to do something about that rust!


Selling your present CDV—- and adding the 10k to the purchase of that shinny new rust free car  of your choice might be an option for you to get where you want to go 

You will surely then learn the cash value you are observing in our market at time of your sale 

Rust is cancer and a difficult issue that only gets worse and repairing it will require that the entire car be repainted once parts are cut out or panels replaced  ( door ) to get the look you are after

You can no longer just patch spots as the stock paint is no longer available ( due to EPA agency ) to be doing that requiring the complete car be repainted with the current paints being used  today 

Again just my two cents to be protecting your Antigue car investment for the long haul and addressing your needs for that super paint job that someone else took there time and dollars to satisfy there own  needs and may have to sell due to unforeseen circumstances in the somewhat unstable  financial world we are living in today ( lost jobs - Covid ) 

May I suggest you purchase a 64 convert with AC ( leather interior ) for you next Classic Antique Cadillac ?

Again - just my two cents  on possible options you might consider in your current circumstance 




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