I haven't really started looking too hard, but does anyone know where the circuit breaker for the windows and top is for a '64 Eldo is ? I found the one for the horn under the dash which is supposed to one that it should go to , I'm hearing there might be another one in the engine compartment ?

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The Power Window and Power Seat (and power top Feed) Circuit Breaker for the 1964 Cadillacs is a 40 amp breaker that goes in the fuse panel under the dash in the slot marked Horn 25. (Without power seats or windows you would just have a 25 amp glass fuse). Circuit breakers and fuses are listed in the 1964 Cadillac Shop Manual on page 12-97. The Fuse Panel has an illustration on page 12-4 and I have inserted a picture below.

This is the only circuit breaker used for the power windows, however, with the 1964's, you also have a power window relay that goes behind the lower left kick panel that works in conjunction with the Window Lock "Cut-Out" Switch at the very front of the master driver arm rest switch panel. References and illustrations to this "cut-out" switch and relay can be found in the Body Electrical section of shop manual on Page 16-110 and 16-111

ps. If you need any of these 40 amp circuit breakers I have plenty of them VG tested for $5 + s/h. Shoot me an email to jasonedge@nc.rr.com

Looks like I'll have to dig into it a little. Mine has a 30 amp glass fuse that is still in place and good. The previous owner might have rewired something? Seats, windows, and top are out, but the locks and horn work? Thanks

Power door locks are vacuum...unless you have added an electric aftermarket setup.  horn should work fine as long as fuse is not blown.  When you go to put power seats, windows and/or top in you will want to swap in a 40amp CB.

Never had an issue with the 40 amp fuse in my convertible ,with all the power equipmentb
Interesting tip about that fuse slot
I know , i would never feel good about installing a 40 amp fuse in a 25 amp slot ,so your explination is a bit of a surprise ,and great 64 info

Tony, It is in your owners manual ( page 46): Horn 25 Amp / 40 Amp (CB), then you will see the seat and Windows, and Convertible Top listed as 40 Amp (CB).  Again, if you do not have power seats or power windows or power top, you would instead have a 25 amp glass fuse for the horns only.

The circuit breaker is in place, so the system will still be able to operate, once the C/B resets.  Overuse of the windows may trip the C/B, and a glass fuse will result in the windows being inop until a new fuse is put in.

Ok but where is the CB??

The 40 Amp Circuit Breaker is in the 25 amp fuse slot in the picture I posted prior, and seen below circled in red. If you did not have power seats, windows, or top you would instead have a 25 amp glass tube fuse. If you have any of these power options you instead have a 40 amp circuit breaker that trips and resets as seen in the picture I posted.

I got it. I think the previous owner relocated the breaker. I've read the manual pg.46. That is where I started. I need to start tracing wires. I appreciate the feed back, I just thought there was a quick fix. My car has all the extras from factory, seats, windows, top, locks, all power. I'll start from the motor in back and go towards the fuse box. Hopefully I'll see something. Someone also told me the problem might be in the door under the window controls? I'll hit that next?

Then there is something else going on because the fuse is fine. I did notice that when I try using the top or window buttons the rear vanity lights go on ?



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