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Tony and Ginny 429's Discussions

Grease the door hinges and body stuff when it is due

Started Oct 5 0 Replies

You will be  very pleasantly surprised just how —smooth the very large doors on our two year cars start to work if you grease the door hinges The door on our car do close with  a very solid sound and…Continue

Tags: maintenance, Basic

EV West—A Tesla reconditioned electric —CRATE motor available soon

Started Oct 2 0 Replies

Want to put and electric motor in your 63-64 Classic Antique CadillacWell soon you can buy the reconditioned  Tesla electric creat motor from EV West Telsa does not sell new electric engines to…Continue

Tags: Cadillac, Antique, Electric

My 64 convert out cruising today

Started Oct 1 0 Replies

Had the 64 out for about 2 HRS  today —-10/1/20 The exceptional weather in Central Florida is here and more coming very soonThe usual 10-15 people waving or thumps up as we cruise on by them The car…Continue

Tags: 64, Cruising

1959 Cadillac headlight switch—— issue

Started Sep 23 0 Replies

So this guy on Facebook is replacing his headlight switch that is not working on his  59The Manual is telling he needs tool.   J-7778 to get the switch out He writes that tool must have been…Continue

Tags: switch, headlight, 59


Tony and Ginny 429's Page

Latest Activity

Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mark C Bills's discussion 429 and 400 trans. for sale
"GM does not have a solution or fix for the problems with that trans as many have had numerous part replaced with no solution in sight  Just a heads up on what info I found  Enjoy "
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mark C Bills's discussion 429 and 400 trans. for sale
"Mark  I looked up the  engine trans you are using out of curiousness  about them  i think you should know there is a class action suit regarding the problems with that trans GM 8L90 trans  That trans does some bad things…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mark C Bills's discussion 429 and 400 trans. for sale
"Mark  Pls do give us a blow by blow description of how the engine swap come together as many others may need a good new source for a restomod Cadillac engine  in our year Cadillacs  in the future  Has to be a very exciting…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mark C Bills's discussion 429 and 400 trans. for sale
"Mark  How many miles on the engine and trans ? What drive train will you be putting into the 64 if any ? Enjoy "
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"I should qualify that that would be for a sound engine with no ring blow by into the crankcase which would be a crankcase pressure build up condition that can blow oil out the oil filler cap and cause a mess  Enjoy "
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"Tim There will be no pressure build up in a 64 429  crankcase as the oil filler cap is vented for the crankcase ventilation to flow air thru the engine with the use of the PCV valve and carbs help  I think the oil filler cap being vented…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"Pls do not try to reset a set of worn points  Install new points - set them at 30 degrees with the engine turning 480 RPMs in drive per the service manual  Get a Service Manual if you do not have one - a very great tool to be understanding…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"The dwell has to be  set right  first as it changes the timing number you are looking at  You need to do the points first then the timing  Putting White out on the harmonic balancer and the timing plate will help you see the…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Lee Martin's discussion Stainless Exhaust System
" You are using two of the best muffler supplies for our cars Looks like the demand for Stainless steel has dropped off causing your issue in getting that exhaust system  The stock system does hold up well given the limitations i have…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"Yes  The tube runs from under the intake into the front of the carb with a PVC valve just before entering the carb  That tube clears the crankcase of vaporized oil fumes and would recommend you keep it stock -  the crankcase…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"Have you done a very complete tune up  on spec —-including new  ignition wires dist cap  rotor and ignition timing   Ignition system would be my first check for lack of power— especially timing which is 5 degrees…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Ryan Adams's discussion 1963 Road Tube with Edelbrock 1406
"The terminology Road tube is not something I understand  Can you post a picture or describe the item in different terms or its location  Enjoy "
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mathis Richter's discussion Bendix Power Brake Unit Power Section
"A Bendix power booster has shown up from time to time  on this site and repair shops so you understand availability these days  I myself have never tried to open one so just passing on what I have read over the years on here about the…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Mathis Richter's discussion Bendix Power Brake Unit Power Section
" Mathis It is dangerous to open the power booster due to spring pressure  Look for Cardone  Inc in the — Part Supplier — in the Header as they rebuild the part  The Delco power booster and master cylinder are more…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Kim K Kaiser's discussion some additional AC questions
"Kim Wish I could of more help but I only know the 64 comfort control system  and not much about the 63  The comfort control has a lot more parts sensors  dials transducers servo and vacuum valves but not at all sure which are the same…"
Tony and Ginny 429 replied to Kim K Kaiser's discussion some additional AC questions
" Kim OH ——OK THEN ! !  ! Enjoy "

Profile Information

Do you own any 1963 & 1964 Cadillacs? If Yes, Year & Body Style
1964 CADILLAC Coupe Deville Convertible--AC
Body style F-6267
In the family from day one--an extremely enjoyable keeper !
Cadillac LaSalle Club Member? If Yes, Membership #?
1963/64 Cadillac Chapter Member?

My 64 history

I have the great pleasure of having my beautiful -all Becon Blue - 64 Cadillac convertible  (white top ) with AC - for 48 years ( as of 2012 )-- in my family since day ONE

The mental  picture of that car in my driveway with the top down is forever etched in my minds eye-

Have been a GM big block fan since my 1963 Chevy 409-425 HP--4 speed Super Sport racing days   ( held a track record at Islip Speedway- New York for 4 years  )

Went to a 1962 Cadillac --Black--Black top --Natural leather  interior --with optional then --AC  390 Cubic inch --time to slow it down some

I was in my  early 20's a sophmore in college --you could see people thinking --Who is that  kid ?

I enjoyed that car so much I became a Cadillac convertible fan for life

My 64 was my dads at this time

He loved my 62 so much he started to collect 62 thru 64 caddys

We had 5 converts and 4 coupes at one time all registered and ready to run

The new caddys in my family were  a new 52 hard top--new 55 convert--new 64 convert

They were used mostly for special occasions or for mom around town

You just knew you were special when you drove in those cars--they were a sign of financial success in those times

Dad mosly had foreign cars as daily drivers -- 1955--57 XK 120 Jaguars (5 of them ) -- 2002 BMW Tii-  65 Porsche 356 convert  --one of the first year VW's  in 1956 ,only 50 in the USA

1958 BMW R-50  black motorcycle

Cessna 182 4 passenger Airplane

I retired to Central West Florida with my 64 convert

I road a 1966 Triump -- Blue printed 750 -flat track racing bike for 28 years

One of my lifetime  racing buddys owned NASSAU county Long Isand N Y 's  Harley davidson--we liked high performance toys

Building and flying RC aircraft for 23 years

The weather here is auesome 10 months of the year  -- rains a bit the other two of the summer  -  no big deal but a country paradise most of the time


 Regards Tony and Ginny 429

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Tony and Ginny 429's Blog

Windshield scratch remover

Posted on December 29, 2017 at 1:40am 2 Comments

Anyone have any experience removing light scratches from our Cadillac windshields 

I thought I might need to replace my windshield but when inspected by my windshield guy he seems to feel I could get away with polishing out the scratches as they are mostly light ones 

i have no dings or deep scratches 

I would like to keep the original glass —so this idea is appealing to me 


Replacing the windshield on my 64 Deville convertible - body style 6267

Posted on November 21, 2017 at 1:27pm 10 Comments

Like to know any personal experience aquiring the best New correct glass replacement for the car
So far i know of two locations to aquire the glass
One in Oregon and one in Ohio
The glass looks new is a bit thinner than the original but has the correct--OM-- markings on it


The Mileage reading on your speedometer

Posted on November 4, 2017 at 10:57pm 20 Comments

I hope i am not breaking anyones bubble but if you choose to remove the speedometer you can change the mileage on these cars to anything you desire it to be by just adjusting some of its internal parts and changing the numbers

That can lead to a lot of misconduct and cause you to by a car that is not correctly represented by its mileage

Just a heads up to study other aspects of the car to see if the mileage feels right for the wear and tear you may be looking at on a given… Continue

Power steering fluid change

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 3:32pm 1 Comment

In writing my thoughts on the last thread i just realized that changing the power steering fluid is not something done very often like we do all with other fluids on a timely basis

Actually i do not remember anything that adresses the changing of this fluid on a regular basis

I did draw my fluid out with an oil sucktion tool and replaced it then did that a few more times after using the car so some of mine has been freshened up in that way

Hey it could save you from having to… Continue

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At 1:49am on December 17, 2019, Pablo said…
Thank you very much for the information, gladly appreciate.
At 4:28pm on May 21, 2018, Fernando Vermeer said…

Good Day my friends. I' the only 64 429 Caddy on the island. I know of various other caddys 59 60 62 77. I bought mine last year and did all the basic work just to get it started. i pulled the engine out and sandblasted and rebuild the carb changed the timing gear and cam gear. i send the Valve covers to chrome in colombia. I started it after a year and had no pressure on 2 pistons. I pulled it out again and ordered the shop repair manual and going to buy the deluxe rebuild kit. So thats basicly what going on. Here in Aruba evrything is expensive to buy or get because of the import taxes and transportation fees. Sometimes its just expensive to be me. I dont know to much about mechanics and have a uncle Roy that helps me out ( generation gap). So after a year im starting to get to know my Caddy.WhatsApp%20Image%202018-04-10%20at%2011.57.37%20AM%288%29.jpeg 

At 12:17am on April 1, 2018, Kim K Kaiser said…

Hi Tony,

in town driving seems to be just fine.. I havent taken out for a longer, higher speed drive in several days, but plan to take on a 30 mile each way trip tomorrow.  I will have a better idea after that, downtown though, runs just fine.  

I was hanging at the local river bar yesterday and she was parked out front,, lots of the 50+ yuppie biker crowd, mostly friends mine, all had to go give it a walk around.. lots of nods of approval..

thanks for the check up,

have a Happy Easter.



At 5:42pm on October 22, 2017, antonio bravo said…
antonio bravo
Hello, I have a 1963 coupe DeVille with a 390 and I’m dropping in a 429 from a 1967 DeVille. I will cut and weld the oil pan to change locations of the sump, and probably extend the tube on the oil pick up. do you know if there is an oil pan and oil pick up tube I can use to eliminate my fabrication work?
At 1:12pm on August 3, 2016, Denny Link said…

Thank you both , have a good day

At 6:37pm on July 27, 2016, Denny Link said…

So right about a shop manual , in my case at being dumb I never pull the value cover which got me to 4200 rebuild .

At 3:04pm on May 4, 2016, Denny Link said…

I like to thank you and the rest for help . And yes all is going back in just like the day it was born  [ torque converter to trans, and a fully rebuild 429 stock ]    have a good day and thanks.

At 6:06pm on October 7, 2015, Vito64Deville said…
Tony thanks for replying. Hope you're still enjoying you blue caddy
At 1:18pm on May 6, 2015, Tony and Ginny 429 said…
Hi Denny
I have built many fine RC airplane kits and scratch built from plans ,in the past 20 years
I have a very fine collection of the best glo engine airplanes in the 40 and 60 size airframes , a few quarter scale
All fly on rails , after the bugs are worked out , which is the expression used to describe stability , of an exceptional flying model
You had to build ,when I started 20 years ago , or you did not fly , no ARF'S then
I flew control line for 4 years prior to RC and got good at local combat events
I have not done much building or flying in the last year , working on the house and gardens
How do you know about my Passion for RC flight ?
At 5:24pm on May 5, 2015, Denny Link said…

are you still building airplanes



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Bendix Power Brake Unit Power Section

Started by Mathis Richter in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by Chris Codd yesterday. 7 Replies

Hi,I have a huge problem my POWER SECTION of the ``Master-VAC Power Brake unit 9´´Diameter ´´ from Bendix is Broken and I can't open it to replace al the rubber parts did some of you have auch Power…Continue

Third brake light -help please.

Started by paul k in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion. Last reply by Jason Edge yesterday. 8 Replies

Did anybody from the club install third brake light in the rear window in his Cadillac? I have problem to figure out how to do it. Can I just run wire from break pedal switch and second wire connect…Continue

Extra speakers in the cadillac.

Started by paul k in 1963/64 Cadillac Specific Discussion yesterday. 0 Replies

Ok, I have another question. Since I will run wire for a brake light I might run speakers wires.I would like to install 2 extra speakers or maybe 4. What is best option. I do have 2 speakers already-…Continue

429 and 400 trans. for sale

Started by Mark C Bills in For Sale. Last reply by Tony and Ginny 429 on Monday. 6 Replies

I have an excellent running 429 with 400 trans.recently removed from my 64. It has electronic ignition, new water pump,new fan and clutch(not pictured),new fuel pump,Holley 650 vac. sec. carb. with…Continue

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1964 Cadillac Fleetwood sixty special / transmission dipstick needed

Posted by Pablo on September 20, 2020 at 9:57pm 1 Comment

How are you doing folks, I’m looking for a transmission dipstick, any info I will appreciated, thank you very much

1963 Cadillac hood driver side hinge

Posted by Steven on September 16, 2020 at 9:23am 1 Comment


 Does anyone know were I can buy a 1963 Cadillac hood driver side hinge or is there any other hinge that would fit? 



Bad Guage?

Posted by Karl Schwarz on August 26, 2020 at 3:08pm 6 Comments

So I am troubleshooting my fuel gauge issue. I bought a new sender and tested it. It  it goes from 1-ohm (empty) to 35-ohm (full). When I test it (outside the tank), when the float is in the up (full) position it only moves the gauge to about 1/2 full. When at the bottom (empty) position the gauge shows empty. This is the same issue I have when I fill and then use the gas in the tank - the gauge never reads ore than half full. Based on what I've read on this thread it would seem like the…



Posted by Fritz Seitz on August 11, 2020 at 2:35am 0 Comments

I have been working on a

Does anyone have suggestions?


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