Happy New Year to all! 

I'm in the middle of replacing all the rubber seals in my '63 Convertible and there's one I can't find a repro of.  I'm also not sure exactly what it's supposed to look like because both of mine are badly disintegrated.  Hoping one of you convertible owners can help.

I attached three pics of the area in question - It's the rear quarter window "compartment" - the pocket where the window sits when it's down.  At the rear edge of that compartment, there is what appears to be an L-shaped rubber seal.  In the first pic of the driver side, the rubber would be where the red circle is.  The yellow circle is the top of the rear window channel for reference.  On the other two pics of the passenger side, there's a little more of the rubber remaining but it's in bad shape.  Looks like it's supposed to be an L-shaped piece, or maybe a U, with a screw in the rear and a screw in the interior side.

Does anyone have pics of this area to show what it's supposed to look like?



Pics 2 and 3 are the passenger side, same compartment area.  There's a little more of the seal remaining.

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Check with - rubber the rightway
The piece you are looking for has a horse shoe kind or shape and goes in that location to seal the back window at its front


Hi Tony, thanks.  I think you're talking about the lock pillar seal that goes in front of the rear window.  I'm looking for the one that seals the rear window at its rear.

After doing a bunch of googling, I have a lead on an Impala part that might be what I need.  I'm going to call Steele Rubber tomorrow and see if they think their Impala part will fit.  I'll report back after I confirm it will fit.

Hi Michael.  Any luck on the Impala seal?  I'm curious as I'm sure I need the same part and am also embarking on the"seal replacement" adventure.



Hi David, I ordered the Impala part from Steele and it's due here Thursday. I'll definately report back either way. Stay tuned!

Hi, just wanted to update you all on this...After some google sleuthing and a call to Steele Rubber products, I found the part I needed from Steele Rubber Products - part number 70-3505-67.  This number will get you a pair of "quarter window filler" seals and the mounting screws.

Steele has the part listed as replacing GM factory part #4890281 , 4890282 for 61-64 Impala and 63-64 Buick, Olds, Pontiac Convertibles.  With a bright light and a magnifying glass, was able to see a couple of the digits remaining on my right side seal which match up with those GM numbers.  Now that I have the part in hand, I can confirm that it's a match for our '63 Cadillac' Convertibles as well.  I would expect that it fits a '64 also. 

I can't find where this GM part number is listed in the Cadillac parts manual, or where the part is called out by name in the Cadillac parts manual.  But it fits perfectly!

Below is a pic of my original along side the "Impala" part.

I would like to see a picture of the part installed if you could


Mike, this is fantastic information for convertible owners! Thanks for the research and confirmation. I have added the following link back to this thread on our Help Page:

Convertible "quarter window filler" Seals - Sourced from Steele Rubber for other GM Makes

The cost info would be very nice to tie this tread up

I happen to have a 64 convert so thanks for the feedback on the subject
A very nice find


Here are a few more pics to wrap up this story...

This is 100% the right part.  It matches up with the quarter window roof rail molding at the rear of the quarter window when the top is up.  Of course, my car will probably never see rain as long as I own it, but that's not the point!  LOL.  The pair of seals were $87.20 plus shipping from Steele (PN 70-3505-67).  You can buy them from Rubber the Right Way for less.  I'll be calling Cindy at Steele tomorrow to let them know, as they are the manufacturer.  Meanwhile, if you're ordering and you get some resistance, just order the part for a '61-64 Impala.

By the way, I was incorrect above when I stated it comes with screws.  It comes with metal push-in type holders that work very well (3 per side).  My originals had screws.

First pic is the seal installed and the top down. Compare this with the first pic I posted above (with the red and yellow circles):

This is a pic with the top up showing the interface of the new seal with the convertible top roof rail at the rear.  My roof rail seal is old and crusty and the beltline seals are dust, so pardon that.  I have new ones in the waiting area of my garage.

The last pic is just an overall pic of the area we're talking about...

Thank you for the valuable info Michael. I have just had a look at my car and see the remnants of the seals !!!



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