My bench seat switch circuit is dead.  I found the hot wire cut under the seat, but cannot locate the other end of the hot wire.  The wiring diagram indicates the it is connected to the rear cigar lighter hot. (See attached)  Is this right?  Does anyone have any thoughts about where I may be able to locate the or, or splice in?  Thank you.

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All of the bench seat wiring feeds from the left side under the door sill plate. Remove the finish screws that hold the driver door sill plate down, remove plate, lift carpet and see the plastic wiring conduit. There is a cut out on inside neareast front corner of seat where the wire's "T-out" toward the seat. They are held down with a couple of red primer color clamps held with Phillips screws. See if you can see the other end of your wire and trace to the cut area and splice back if everything else looks OK. 

Thank’s Jason. I see what you are taking about. I’ll send a pic.
I ran a new wire and spliced in a new connector. The seat back switch now works and the lights come on. Only thing is the courtesy lights also come in the front driving compartment as well when I flip the switch. Aren’t only the rear courtesy lights supposed to come on?

Interior lights with the switch at the back of the front seat— in the convertible are working as they should from your description 


Thank you for your post. All four interior lights (2 front/2 rear) come on when I turn on the seat back switch. The owners manual says the sear back switch will turn on the rear lights only. In the convertible all 4 are supposed to come on with seat back switch?

Hmm, In my 63 CDV only the rear courtesy lights come on when the switch on the back of the front switch is turned on (according to owner's manual too). I believe the circuit works by grounding the lights with the pin switch in the door jambs or with the switch on the back of the front seat for the rear courtesy lights. It seems your switch is grounding for all interior lights. Could be bad door jamb switch(es) allowing the ground for all lights


Kurt, I don’t think it’s in the door switches. In fixing the rear switch circuit yesterday, I realized the bench seat wasn’t grounded (also causing the seat motor not to work). I grounded the seat by running a wire from an arm rest bolt (behind the fold down cover) to a wiring clip screw under the carpet. Bingo! The seat motor and back seat light switch worked (after rewiring the hot leads).

I had an issue once where turning on the map light would also turn on the courtesy lights. It was the the pin switch allowing grounding of the courtesy lights. If not the pin switches, trace out what is allowing ground to all lights.

You know what? As I think about it, I recall when I replaced the door switches about six months ago, i bought 2 prong switches (couldn't find 3 prong) and jumped the hot for the four lights to work. I think you might be right: it’s likely the front door switches.

Without the 3 prong switch, 2 circuits are tied together meaning grounding one will ground the other. I guess you can chose whether to tie the map light to the front courtesy lights or leave it as is. A 3 prong switch is what you need to separate the circuits.

The 2 or 3 pin door jamb switch keeps the circuits separated.   if you out in a single wire door jamb switch, all the lights will come on. 

Russ, do you think I jumped the wrong prong on the two prong switch, effectively making it a one prong)? I could move the jump to the other prong?)



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